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Great Barrier Reef: Good news!

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is time for some good news.

We have heard some pretty dire predictions about the state of the Barrier Reef, driven by bleach events,
ocean acidification, runoffs, microplastics. But fresh from the water we have returning guest Associate Prof.  David Suggett (UTS) to tell us…..The reef is looking good!! (relatively, and despite a downgraded health report to very poor).

Assoc. Prof. David Suggett from UTS returns to Boiling Point

And the energy about conserving it is excellent, thanks to some really proactive tour operators.
Last time David told us about LarvalBot and the CoralIVF project. How are they progressing? And why is he now working on land with a drone restoration program Air Seed Tech.
Hear about what is happening on the reef and also a few tunes of David’s choosing, on this week’s episode.
Plug into the podcast here: bit.ly/BoilingPointScience

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