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Giant pink slugs- Is pink really camouflage?

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The Mt Kaputar Giant Pink Slug is a fleshy, moist, 20cm curiosity. It is super cool. When on a short walk Taylor Nodell found a Triboniophorus sp. “Kaputar”, he was surprised that it really was camouflaged- but how?

“It was about 8 degrees that morning. 2 days since the last rain. I heard second hand that the morning after a rain they come out.” Taylor Nodell

Taylor’s discovery rocketed him to iNaturalist fame, proving this curious mollusc had survived catastrophic bushfires.  The sighting also contributed to citizen science database and publication, tracking post fire recovery.

Chantelle talks to Taylor about  how he came to be such an avid naturalist. How a hot pink slug is camouflaged. Why he contributes to citizen science. And why a photo today could be a historical legacy of where species occurred and when.

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The giant pink slugs of Mount Kaputar – Australian Geographic



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