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Fun with bedbugs

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They breed faster than rabbits and survive without food for months. And it’s not uncommon that the male impales and kills his partner while mating.

Bedbugs are fascinating creatures and yet, they are terribly unloved. Worldwide travel has turned them into cosmopolitans, feeling at home wherever a traveler is willing to donate their blood.

Our guest, Dr Zac Wylde, worked with bedbugs to figure out the perfect lure for a new type of trap. He ended up getting much more close and personal with them than he would ever have imagined.

Listen in to our bedbug special.

Zac (in the middle) and his colleagues (Dr Thomas Telfer on the left and Dr Farid Sanai on the right) ready to enter a highly bedbug-infested apartment to collect some bedbugs for their reseach.

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Check out the website of Zac’s previous employer developing a device for hotels that doesn’t only trap but also identifies the nasty insects: https://www.scimitaventures.com

Zac found this tennis ball in the highly bedbug infested apartment. It was covered in bedbugs and their shed skin.

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