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Fast fashion: donate clothes or send back to makers?

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We as consumers can safely say that clothing is one of our top priorities when we go shopping, and when we think about it, some of the clothes that we purchase time and time again are not that well made and can break down really easily, causing us to need to buy more clothes. That is what we call fast fashion.

Those broken down old clothes then can be turned into waste, and it is fast becoming a huge problem for the environment. According to Mark Liu from University of Technology, clothing waste is considered the second most polluting industry on the planet!

We often do a clean out of our fashionable goods and pop down to our local charity shop or clothing bin to donate our clothes to charity, thinking that this will do some good in the world, but Mark has other thoughts on the topic!

Mark generously gave his time last Friday afternoon to chat to Friday Drive’s Holly about what he thinks is the solution to our fast fashion problem and how us and big name clothing brands can make a difference.

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