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Diving with the mother of sharks

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Do you need a holiday? You are in luck! We are taking you on a trip to the Bahamas. White sands, turquoise water and … lots of sharks. The Bahamas are a shark haven and they have a strong advocate here. Our guest has dived with sharks for more than 20 years and understands them like only very few people do. The sharks keep coming to her and having their fishing hooks removed. Our guest has dedicated her life to protect sharks and to change our perception of them.

Our guest Cristina in her element.

We are on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama, one of 700 islands in the Bahamas. Cat went diving with Cristina Zenato to witness her shark skills firsthand.

Cristina is Italian born but has called the Bahamas home for 28 years now. She is a scuba and cave diving instructor and conservationist.

Boiling Point host Cat and this week’s guest Cristina Zenato enjoying the island life on Grand Bahama


Cristina’s NGO ‘People of the Water’: https://pownonprofit.org/

Cristina’s personal website: https://cristinazenato.com/