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Clothing fibers everywhere – and what they do to the environment

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You put your clothes in the washing and you think this solves the issue. Far from it! It cleans the clothes, but also causes a whole new problem. Clothing fibers end up everywhere in our waterways, and eventually get washed into the ocean. Our guest did her research on the consequences of textile fibers in marine ecosystems. She has experienced what it is like to attach thousands of tiny fibers to sea walls and to bribe dozens of volunteers with chocolate to help with her tedious job.

Bella is busy attaching clothing fibers to a sea wall in Sydney to see what happens when they get exposed to the elements.

Our hosts, Anastasia and Cat, talk to marine ecologist Bella Charlesworth, and chat about the conundrum of choosing ethical clothing and why it is more complex than you might thing.

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Bella goes diving for her research on a regular basis. Even underwater, wearing gloves is a must.


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