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Boiling Point 21 May 2019

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Tim, Alex and Cat discuss the options of alien life in space, microbial helpers and the issue with the rhesus factor

Grumpy monkey? – the downside of having rhesus factor negative

Alone in space? – the Drake equation knows the odds

Friends on Mars? – tiny bacteria may help us colonize Mars

Rhesus factor – being rhesus negative is usually not a big deal. Most of the time it’s just one of 33 blood group systems without any relevance. It can become an issue when a rhesus negative woman is pregnant with a rhesus positive baby. If the mother-to-be doesn’t receive treatment, the embryo can die.

Drake equation – a complicated equation with a simply statement, the chances are almost 50:50, however it’s a little more likely that we are not alone in space after all.

Cyanobacteria on Mars Рthanks to cyanobacteria we have oxygen to breath on earth. Millions of years ago, the tiny bacteria helped creating the oxygen-rich atmosphere we have today. Researchers are currently working on cultivating cyanobacteria called Chroococcidiopsis that may help us breath on Mars one day.




Picture: https://voiceofpeopletoday.com/india-looking-monkey-kidnapped-baby/

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