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A Step Towards Understanding Womens Health

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Women have been long ignored in scientific research. Many would argue that the reason for this is because of the hormonal cycle females experience that could vary the results. So I guess this means we should just ignore half of our population in scientific research?

Welcome to Boiling Point, this week we are chatting Womens Health! And to answer that question, no, we are certainly not going to ignore half of our population in scientific research and our guest in this episode is Jodie Pestana. Jodie is a PhD Candidate at UNSW in the school of Psychology. She studies how the female brain changes with hormonal cycles and pregnancy. In this weeks show your hosts Anastasia and Cat will be chatting with Jodie on topics surrounding women’s health, mental health, and Jodie’s start-up company, Cuura (email Curra: info@cuuraapp.com).

Jodie Pestana, PhD Candidate studying womens health in the school of Psychology at UNSW

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Jodie’s app Cuura, an app where you can log the detailed effects of your birth control

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