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A Spooky Spider Special

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Sydney Funnel Web Credit: Caitlin Creak

Venom, webs, and 8-legged creatures. Some of us, when we think of spiders, we think run the other way. But when we think of the Sydney-funnel web, we think, run away faster! However, our brave special guest Caitlin Creak would rather catch the deadly creature so she can explore everything from its potent venom to… how it reproduces to make more spiders? Wait a minute this can’t be right!

Meet Caitlin: an arachnologist, ecologist, and PhD student at UNSW.

She is more commonly known as Spider-catcher and arachno-enthusiast extraordinaire.

Credit: Caitlin Creak

You can find Caitlin on Twitter and follow her Arachtober posts:@CaitlinNCreak


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