The Bugisu Project

On Arts Wednesday 17 April 2019, Sylvia’s guests were Brody Smith and Bri Kerr, co-directors of the Bugisu Project. This amazing start up by a group of young people imports coffee from Uganda, lends it to customers and use the returned  grounds in compost and manufacture of a surprising array… Read More

Self Gratification in 1600’s England: an interview with Paige Donaghy

For the 12th of April edition of Friday Drive, presenter Holly wanted to explore an interesting concept that she came across from an article in The Conversation. Titled “Lascivious virgins and lustful itches: women’s masturbation in early England”, the article explored women and masturbation in the 1600’s and how it differs to… Read More

The Hurdy Gurdy with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 10 April 2019, Sylvia’s guest was Michael Atherton, probably best described as an all-round musical genius, reputed to be able to play every musical instrument known to mankind! This conversation is about the hurdy gurdy, a most unusual instrument – part barrel organ, part bagpipe, part violin,… Read More

Coral spawning, David Suggett and a new GPS epoch

Tim, Chantelle and Jake are joined by David Suggett in this week’s dose of Boiling Point. How resilient is the Great Barrier Reef? Radical drop in coral spawning concerns scientists, with special guest and coral expert David Suggett We just had daylights savings end but did you know we’re… Read More

Ella Haber on Love, Instagram and her debut EP, ‘Clay’

  Friday Drive host, Holly had the immense privilege to sit down with singer/songwriter Ella Haber to chat about her new EP, ‘Clay’, due to be released April 26. In this podcast, Ella chats about the story behind Clay, her journey as a musician so far, and… Read More

Special Guest Manon Sabot; the role of vegetation in the climate equation

How do plants deal with extremes in a changing climate? Our special guest, Manon Sabot, climate scientist from the University of New South Wales discusses her research, the challenges modelling climate/vegetation relationships and why plants may not be responding the way initially predicted…..   PhD candidate Ms Manon… Read More

The Recorder and Baroque Flute with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 3 April 2019, Sylvia’s guest was Melissa Farrow, recorder and Baroque flute player with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. Melissa brought both instruments into the studio and talked us through the history of these instruments as well as their sounds – which, of course, she was able to… Read More

James Morrison Talks Upcoming Show At City Recital Hall

James Morrison of The Morrisons band chats with Eastside’s Eric during the Wednesday Drive on the 20th of March 2019 about their upcoming show at City Recital Hall. Sydney is not known for its fireflies – just as the Appalachian hill-country of Virginia, Kentucky and East Tennessee is… Read More

Angela Vithoulkas of the Small Business Party

Small Business Party founder, Angela Vithoulkas joined David Barr on Drive Tuesday to discuss this Saturday’s state election. The party was formed in 2018 to focus on small businesses and their families, and to tackle problems such as rising electricity costs, axing land and payroll tax and cut red tape. You… Read More