Jane Gillings – Renowned Artist and Environmentalist

Jane Gillings is a sculptor who is far from typical; Jane uses discarded plastic to create assemblage art! She came by the show to discuss with Ruth Hessey her wonderful and unique work using discarded plastic as a main ingredient in her art work and, how it is creating awareness… Read More

Alienation, Atonalism and Appeasement with Andy Bromberger

Music historian, Andy Bromberger, deconstructed 20th century classical music over 6 episodes on Arts Wednesday. Episode 1:The world of music from 1900 to World War 1, a period of unprecedented optimism and experimentation across the arts, including, of course, music. Episode 2: All the optimism comes crashing with the outbreak… Read More

Magna Carta 15 June 1215

It is 803 years this week since Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede and it continues to be regarded as a cornerstone of democracy. But is it really? What is it, who wrote it, why and what does it really say? Sylvia recorded this interview with historian and lawyer, Geoff… Read More

Dan Goldberg – Director of the Film ‘Food Fighters’

Everyone’s heard of Oz Harvest? Hell, even the founder was the Local Hero recipient for the national Australian of the Year Awards! ‘Food Fighter’ is an inspirational story of an Australian woman’s crusade battling the global scandal that is food waste. Director of the documentary is Dan Goldberg and he… Read More

Pianist Mark Isaacs celebrating 60

There will not be too many Australian musicians who can list jazz legends Roy Haynes and Dave Holland as their collaborators in a jazz trio recording. Pianist and composer Mark Isaacs was thirty when he recorded the album Encounters with them in 1988. This year he celebrates his 60th birthday… Read More

Music Has No Gender

Music Has No Gender is a new 37 minute documentary produced, written and recorded by Eastside Radio’s Mick Paddon from Thursday Drive. Its starting point is that while music doesn’t have a gender, musicians do. Sandy Evans, who has been described as a national treasure and awarded an Order of… Read More

Peat Island: Dreaming and Desecration

On Arts Wednesday ??? 2018, Sylvia’s guest was Adrian Mitchell, talking about his latest book. The story of what happened on Peat Island is a truly shocking one. However, it is also the story of government attitudes to mental health: neglect and underfunding. And, in Adrian’s opinion, there is no… Read More

Archibald Prize 2018 with Anne Ryan

On Arts Wednesday 30 May 2018, Anne Ryan, curator of the exhibition of Archibald Prize winners at the Art Gallery of NSW, was Sylvia’s guest . What’s new this year and what’s different?  … Read More

The Problem With Proposed Random ID Checks In Airports

The Federal Government wants to give the police to power to stop and check people’s identity at Australian airports. Malcolm Turnbull has justified the move by saying we’re living in ‘dangerous times’. Currently police only have the power to stop and ask for proof of identity if they suspect… Read More

Julia Johnson on the Last Waltz

With a menagerie of traditional folk instruments surrounding her on stage, Julia offers a selection of new songs, written in a burst of inspiration this year. Last year Julia released her debut solo single ‘Melissa’ and toured it nationally, also supporting Abbe May and performing in a season… Read More

Bobby Goldsmith on Bibi & The Big Blue

Bobby Goldsmith (8 March 1946 – 18 June 1984) was one of Australia’s early victims of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Goldsmith was an Australian athlete and active gay community member who won 17 medals in swimming at the first Gay Olympics, in San Francisco in 1982. Goldsmith was assisted by a network… Read More

Beatles at Bondi and the Feel Good Choir

Local band manager Samantha Graham came and chatted to Tuesday Drive about several musical events coming up in the area. Beatles at Bondi is a musical appreciation night accompanied with snacks and drinks. Local music teacher Darryl Chute will take guests on a musical journey through the Beatles eight… Read More