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On The Stoop

Where on earth did On The Stoop spring from? The word original is a pathetic description of such a wonderfully diverse album. Alternative, gypsy, vaudeville, balkans, punk, world, folk, I could fill the page with different genres that On The Stoop incorporates into their music. Let’s just say their sound is unique and wonderful.


It’s not just that their music mashes a variety of genres to come up with a new sound, the lyrics are also catchy and fun and just when you think the music is about to descend into an atonal chaos from which they will never be able to climb out, they manage to twist the horns, the lyrics, or the rhythm section, and bang the song is leading you in another direction entirely.

If you like music raucous, brassy, fun, loud and cheeky this is for you. And if you don’t think you’ll like it, think again.  This is music that makes you happy.


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