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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 21/06/2011

Cruising Port Jackson with Armchair Traveller

Ahoy there – come sailing on Sydney Harbour: on air 6pm, June 22nd.

Presented by Meagan Fitton.


Finishing a working week and heading to King St Wharf is treat in and of itself, but on this particular weekend I headed to this iconic Sydney local to enjoy a beer before boarding Captain Cook Cruises Explorer for a weekend Cruise.

It was a perfect afternoon – the sun setting – glowing a gorgeous orange it reflected off the water and added to the dreamy state I was already appreciating after said beer.

Tourists strolled past admiring the boats.

Bags checked in, It was time to board.

The entire crew of Captain Cook Cruises Explorer lined up on the pontoon. In old fashioned finery they great the guests one by one to our cabins.

Basic but comfortable the cabins provided a bed – but for me it was just a place to nod off – so up to the top deck I went to meet the other guests on this old girl, as they called her.

Delivering the necessary safety announcements the crew were professional, affective, yet hilariously funny. It quickly became apparent that all of the ship’s employees were internationals, attracted to Sydney for her stunning harbour. The Captain, from Fiji, brought with him the relaxed way off life from the islands as we gracefully set off for a weekend of splendour.

Filled with food at every opportunity, it was a must to take in the walks and tours at the stop offs on shore. Mrs Macquarie’s chair offered a spot to stroll to and learn more of the incredible history that Sydney hints to in her stones and in her architecture.

Over two nights and three days there were moorings at magical places – waking up on the Saturday morning the Opera House spied my bed hair while I starred back at her in admiration. Not a dollar in my pocket, all meals taken care of – I had the richest view in Australia. The following morning, Sunday I awoke to a hoot and a holler – sounds from Taronga Zoo as the boat rested at Bradleys Head.

Not just stunning views and mouthfuls of munchables such as prawns oysters and the freshest of fruits – the cruise was a surprising learning experience. Even as a proud Sydney-sider I learnt a thing or two from the hosts who narrated the journey as guests read the local papers, peering up to take in the sights that slowly passed by.

Tune into Armchair Traveller for more on my journey – hear from some of the characters on the ship… 6pm, Wednesday 22nd June, 2011.

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For more info or to book your own cruise visit Captain Cooks website

~ Meagan Fitton

Thanks to Capatain Cook cruises for their soul support of Eastside Radio and Armchair Traveller