New Australia

Tuesdays 3pm

Presented by Elsen Price

New Australia is a show committed to showing new Australian music in all its forms, with weekly interviews and new releases, have a listen to get to know more about the new sounds of Australia


About Elsen

Elsen Price started studying Double Bass in 1998. In 2008 Elsen won the Double Bass/Electric Bass Position in the NSW Police Band, and was awarded a full-time position after completing his 18-month trial. Elsen won a scholarship to study Classical Double Bass under Alex Henery (SSO) in 2010 at the Sydney Conservatorium on Music, completing his Bachelor in Performance in 2013. Since Graduating, Elsen has pursued a career specialising in New Music and World Music, performing new works by Andrew Batt-Rawden, David Hush, P. Kellach Waddle, Elena Katz-Cherin, Keyna Wilkins and many others. Elsen also collaborates with many Traditional Ethnic performers from Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Armenia. Career highlights include performances with Mike Patton, Lee Ranaldo, Josh Groban, performances as a soloist at the 2014 Sydney Festival, 2015 Vivid Festival and the 2016 European Double Bass Festival, and working with the Mythra Ensemble, Masha’s Legacy, Andalus Arabic Choir and the Ephemera Trio. As a soloist, Elsen performs improvised works inspired by his collaborations in New Music and World Music.