My Home Life

Thursdays 5:30pm

Presented by Stacey Leonie

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Sydneysiders love property. It’s what we all talk about over the dinner table on Saturday nights with friends… the latest renovation, the upsize to accommodate a growing family, empty nesters who are downsizing, a rental increase from the landlord, or the impacts of development going on in the neighbourhood.

So what is it we’re all looking for in the dream home? It might be a humble hovel or a millionaire’s mansion, but it still has to be ‘home’ – whatever that means to you.

Each week on this half hour program, I’ll interview a variety of householders from prominent Sydney identities to more ordinary folk to discover the stories about their home, why they chose it, what they love about it, and find out some of the funny things that happened along the way to making their house a home. We could talk to an ex-Prime Minister one week, and someone who’s been living in social housing all their life the next.

As an eastern suburbs real estate agent, I’ll provide insight into the private lives of our homes… who lives in them and why. There’ll also be advice on how best to buy and sell a home – maybe even how to get those dreamed-for harbour views! And commentary on some of the exciting sales and activity that has occurred throughout the week in the Eastside Radio broadcast zone.

My Home Life is brought to you by Eastside Radio and produced and presented by Stacey Leonie with audio production by Daniel Bingham at the 89.7FM Paddington studios in Sydney in partnership with Shore Financial.