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Paul has worked as an Audio Engineer in film, television and radio acquiring qualifications in Classical Music and Sound Engineering and a Degree in Communications along the way. He played in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, Rock and Blues bands as well as other groups as diverse as Country & Western and Funk. If it’s music he loves it all, and I love bringing it all to you on the amazing medium of radio.

George has a Masters Degree in Art History but has an equal passion for music and the immediacy of radio; music: any sort, any period, any genre, as long as its good

So whats good music?

Good music is what the person who is listening to it says it is: the musical journey is a very subjective experience, like art it evokes time place and memory like no other art form, it’s personal but equally enjoyed with your best friends; it’s universal, it is a language that is able to cross boundaries, barriers and differences and in the end unite, the perfect full circle!

full moon africa

Recent Episodes

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 13th December, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 13th December, 2017
Pascal Dubois - Late night (Housedrive Lounge Mix)
RELEASE: Catwalk Music - LABEL: Manifold
Axwell - Watch the Sunrise
RELEASE: Axwell Presents Axtone Vol 1 - LABEL: New State
Todd Terje - Inspector Norse
RELEASE: Its Album Time - LABEL: Olsen
Chris Reece & Nadia Ali - Overflow
RELEASE: The Divine Circle - LABEL: Armada
Blur (Pet Shop Boys Remix) - Girls and Bots
RELEASE: Parklife (Special Edition) - LABEL: Parlophone
Charles Schillings & Clemintine Celarie - Tango Nada (pompom F)
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Pshent
The Nomad - Destinations
RELEASE: Step 4th - LABEL: The Nomad
Single Gun Theory - Decimated
RELEASE: Flow river of my Soul - LABEL: I.R.S
Robert Nickson - Maybe Next Time (Chill out Mix)
RELEASE: Armada ChillOut - LABEL: 405 Recordings
Trentemoller - Take me into Your Skin
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Dhafer Youssef - Maya
Steen Thottrup - Heading for the Sunrise
RELEASE: Sunset People - LABEL: Wormland Whire
Empire of the Sun - Celebrate
RELEASE: Ice on the Dune - LABEL: EMI
Rouge Rouge - Decide toi
RELEASE: Ce Soir, apres diner - LABEL: Pschent
Moby - Natural Blues
Hayden James - Just a Lover
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Future Classic

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 6th December, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 6th December, 2017
Woodes - Dots
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Woodes
Pnau - go bang
RELEASE: Changa - LABEL: etcetc
Groove Armada - Paris
RELEASE: Soundboy Rock - LABEL: Columbia
Jazz City - The Man I love (electric jazz mix)
RELEASE: Mykonos ChillOut Cafe - LABEL: Manoifold
Tame Impala - List of People (To try and forget about)
RELEASE: Currents B Sides & Remixes - EP - LABEL: Modular
MOSSY - Dumb Terror
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: I Oh You
The Horrors - Machine
Dalminjo feat. Hilde Drange - Love Affair
RELEASE: Take a Chill Pill Vol 2 - LABEL: Deeplay
Rouge Rouge - Cache Cache
RELEASE: Ce soir, apres diner - LABEL: Pschent
plantlife (Jack Splash) - Losing Light
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Of Leisure
Trentmoller - Always Something Better
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Barrio Jazz Gang - Linda Cancao
RELEASE: Spectrum - LABEL: Poker Flat
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime
RELEASE: Teenage Crime EP - LABEL: Axtone
Confidence Man - Boyfriend
RELEASE: Boyfriend (Repeat) - LABEL: Amplifire
Martin Kleinert - Groyne
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: New Port

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 29th November, 2017
Pnau - go bang
RELEASE: Changa - LABEL: etcetc
Dalminjo feat. Hilde Drange - Love affair
RELEASE: Take a Chill Pill Vol 2 - LABEL: Deeplay
Rouge Rouge - Cache Cache
RELEASE: Ce soir, apres diner - LABEL: Pschent
Plantlife (Jack splash) - losing light
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Of Leisure
Empire of the Sun - Way to go
RELEASE: Two Vines (Deluxe) - LABEL: Sleepy Jackson
Alice Ivy - Be Friends
RELEASE: Be Friends - single - LABEL: Dew Process
Royksopp feat. Robyn - Monument (The inevitable end Version)
RELEASE: Di it again EP - LABEL: Pos inertia
James Bright (feat. Rachel Lloyd) - By your Side
RELEASE: Little Things - LABEL:
Volta Cab - Why You come back here
RELEASE: Essentials - LABEL: Apersonal
Trentemoller - Take me into Your Skin
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
cicada (feat. Ben Onono) - Cant be doin with Love (2006)
RELEASE: cicada - LABEL: Critical Mass
Stephanie McCallum - Gnossienne 1 (1890)
RELEASE: Illegal Harmonies - LABEL: ABC
El de Barge, Jobim - Dindi
RELEASE: Lee Ritenour - World of Brazil - LABEL: Verve
Pascal Dubois - Beachdancer (spheric Dream Cut)
RELEASE: The Chillhouse Fly - LABEL: Manifold
Crazy Penis - Beautiful People
RELEASE: The wicked is Music - LABEL: Paper Recordings
The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)
RELEASE: I see you - LABEL: Young Turks

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 22nd November, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 22nd November, 2017
Alice Ivy - Be Friends
RELEASE: Be Friends - single - LABEL: Dew Process
Ladyhawke - Black White & Blue
RELEASE: Anxiety - LABEL: Modular
PNAU - Go Bang
RELEASE: Changa - LABEL: etcetc
CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Cola
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Defected
Temper Trap - Fader
RELEASE: Conditions - LABEL: Liberation
Confidence Man - Better Sit down Boy
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Amplfire
The Prodigy - Thunder
RELEASE: Invaders must Die - LABEL: Cooking Vinyl
Gabriel Le Mar - Jazzy mid On
RELEASE: Reel Time - LABEL: Le Mar Production
ATB & Armin Van Buuren - Vice Versa
RELEASE: All the Best - LABEL: Kontor
Luis Junior - Luminis
RELEASE: Neibum - LABEL: Abysoma
B-Tribe - The Sun
RELEASE: Universal Sunset - LABEL: Altura
Tourist (ft. Swim Mountain & Esther Joy) - Sleepwalking
RELEASE: Wash - EP - LABEL: Monday
Jackson Fourgeaud - President
RELEASE: Sense Juice EP - LABEL: Sound of Barclay
dubspeeka - bully
RELEASE: Soundcloud - LABEL: Soundcloud
The Warriors - Dead Zone
RELEASE: Breaks mixed by Kid Knobe - LABEL: MOS
Spiritual life Ibadan Edit. Beth Orton - central reservation

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 15th November, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 15th November, 2017
Mambana, DJ Meri vox remix - No Reason Watch Video
RELEASE: Chillout Sessions - LABEL: MOS
Escuba - Take Now than Ever
RELEASE: Moonlight - LABEL: Warner
Jurr & Roelove, Wendy Lewis - Summertime Watch Video
RELEASE: Lounge top 100 - LABEL: Cloud 9
Thievery Corporation, Astrud Gilberto - Who Needs Forever Watch Video
RELEASE: Verve Remixed - LABEL: Verve
The Lushlife Poject - New York Mystic Watch Video
RELEASE: Budapest Eskimos - LABEL: Mole Listening Pearls
Ottmar Liebert - Waiting 4 Stars 2 Fall Watch Video
RELEASE: Nouveau Flamenco - LABEL: Higher Octave
Omar Sosa - Iyawo Watch Video
RELEASE: Ayaguna - LABEL: Ota
Desert Dwellers - Sunrise at Sindhu Watch Video
RELEASE: Muladhara Yoga Dub - LABEL: Ygitunes
Santana - No One to Depend on Watch Video
RELEASE: Santana III - LABEL: Columbia
Dormeister - Spanish Grease Watch Video
RELEASE: Verve Remixes - LABEL: Verve
Glam Sam & his Combo - Dig the New Breed
RELEASE: Groovy! - LABEL: Lemongrassmusic
Sabo & Zeb - Vibration
RELEASE: Global Warmbeats - LABEL: Irma
Simon Do - Nota de la Noche
RELEASE: Electrino Latino - LABEL: Koka
Smoove & Turrell - Latin Groove Watch Video
RELEASE: Antique Soul - LABEL: Jalapeno

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 8th November, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 8th November, 2017
K. Flay - Blood in the Cut Watch Video
RELEASE: Every Where is Somewhere - LABEL: Interscope
Gin Wigmore - Hey Ho Watch Video
RELEASE: Holy Smoke - LABEL: Universal
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Sacred Dance of the Demon (Gorgon City Remix) Watch Video
RELEASE: Remixes from the Other Side - LABEL: Crosstown Rebels
Shpongle - Brain a Fishtank Watch Video
RELEASE: Museum of Consciousness - LABEL: Twisted Records
Sundial Aeon - Mysanthya (Chaser Remix) Watch Video
RELEASE: Apotheosis - LABEL: Flow
Kalya Scintilla - Sufi Watch Video
RELEASE: The Clear Path - LABEL: Iboga
Glam Sam & his Combo - Groovers Unite!
RELEASE: Groovy! - LABEL: Lemongrassmusic
Smoove & Turrel (Kraak & Smaak) - You Don't Know Watch Video
RELEASE: Antique Soul - LABEL: Jalapeno
Trio Eletrico (Raw Deal mix) - Return of the Coconut Groove
RELEASE: Brazilution - LABEL: Stereo Deluxe
Amina, Zohar - Un Ange en Paix Watch Video
RELEASE: Indestructable Arab Beats - LABEL: Manteca
Signs (Jean Baptiste Lafitte) - Signs of Wisdom
RELEASE: Arabic Lounge - LABEL: Global Beats
Youssou N'Dour - Tijaniyya Watch Video
RELEASE: Sound of the World - LABEL: Wrasse
PNAU - Go Bang Watch Video
RELEASE: Changa - LABEL: etcetc
Airling - Give Me All You Got Watch Video
RELEASE: Hard to Sleep; Easy to Dream - LABEL: Pieater