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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 12/04/2011

Sydney is Laughing with the Comedy Festival

April 13th and 27th, on Armchair Traveller with Meagan Fitton.

Sydney Comedy Festival is here  and there are a lot of funny peeps about Sydney Town  with a variety of acts to potentially make us think, squirm and give us all those peculiar reactions one has to the ‘creatives’, standing vulnerably on stage, mic in hand, using but words (and sometimes other means) to entertain and hopefully make us laugh.

On Armchair Traveller I speak with Jorge Menidis, Creative Director of the Sydney Comedy Festival  and also, to give you an insight into the life of a comedian (and just what it takes to get up there on stage to entertain us ) we hear from emerging comedian John Whilmshurst , who, get this, is a serious commercial airline pilot, that moonlights as a comedian. He’s a funny fella! I caught his first act on youtube and thought he was a pro!

Details on Sydney Comedy Festival, here.