Jazz Impressions

Sundays 6pm – THIS SHOW ENDED ON 5 MARCH 2023

Presented by Thomas Adams

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My program is all about my two obsessions in music, Jazz and Classical. I created it because I always felt a connection between French Impressionist music and Jazz.

Since its inception in 2012 it has broadened to include a wider array of jazz and classical music that is atmospheric, dreamlike and mysterious.

For more details on this connection please see my article The Genesis of Jazz Impressions.

I started at Eastside in January 2012. One day a week I did admin work in the front office and I also assisted the presenters wherever I could. In September of that year I came up with the idea for Jazz Impressions. I will always be grateful for the help and support that our station manager,Tony Smythe gave to me at the time.

He patiently taught me the skills in becoming a presenter at Eastside. Since then I have had the honour and pleasure of presenting incredible music and I have also been privileged to interview many local and international artists. My program is every Sunday evening from 6-8pm and I’d love to have your company.

To contact Jazz Impressions please send an email to jazzimpressions@eastsidefm.org