by Margaux Dombkins
posted 24/04/2015

Jane Long – ‘Dancing with Costica’

profile-1114-011-lrPhotographer and digital artist, Jane Long joined Dr Margaux Dombkins to discuss her ‘Dancing with Costica’ exhibition with Costica Acsinte.

The Dancing with Costica photo exhibition is based on Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte’s black and white photos taken almost 100 years ago.

Jane Long has changed the context of the images and has added colour to change people’s perception of the images.

“I wanted people to see these figures as real people, more than just an old photograph”

Costica Acsinte was a Romanian war photographer active in World War 1 who later established a photography studio in Slobozia where he worked until he retired in late 1960. Following his death in 1984, his collection was acquired by the History Museum. Contemporary Romanian photographer Cezar Mario-Popescu has recovered and restored more than 6000 glass plates and prints taken by Costica Acsinte during his long-standing career.

The Dancing with Costica photo exhibition was held at the Romanian Embassy to commemorate 47 years of diplomatic relationship between Romania and Australia.

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Innocence – Jane Long


Flock - Jane Long

Flock – Jane Long













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