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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 28/07/2010

In the Nomad’s Footsteps

TIM COPE’ series THE TRAIL OF GENGHIS KHAN, start tonight Wednesday July 28, 2010 at 8PM on ABC2.

As you heard on air today, I was privileged to have Tim Cope as my guide in Mongolia when I joined a World Expeditions trip there.   He is not only an adventurer at heart, but he is funny, generous and dedicated.  I learnt so much about Mongolia from him and also through him, I became a Genghis Khan fan!

Imagine Tim, riding from Mongolia to Hungary over three years of privation, putting up with freezing temperatures, having his horses stolen (and thankfully recovering them), getting to know this amazingly huge country of no fences where most of the population lead a nomadic life taking care of their herds.  I have seen a preview of the series and they are really really good.

Tim Cope was alone, did his own cooking and washing and filming; cared for his horses and Kazhak dog. He had to cope! I enjoy the Bear Grylls series Man vs Wild, but the difference in between these two adventure series is that Bear has a filming crew with him at all times and all situations are staged.  Tim Cope just put up his cam-corder on a tripod and let it run. During a dreadful night, he shivered and cried and was genuinely spooked by wolves. What you see is what he went through… and it is amazing.

For more on Tim’s journeys see his website: wwwtimcopejourneys.com

For my story on travelling through Western Mongolia with Tim as it appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, see:


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maria visconti ready to ride up that glacier in the background