Boarding Pass / Green Velvet

Monday 6PM

Boarding Pass 

presented by Pamela Wright

Travel is something that we all love and on Talking Travel I have a variety of guests to whet your appetite for the passion of travel. Of course I haven’t been everywhere but I’m getting close and I try to find different aspects in various countries so that we can talk about ‘out of the way’ places as well as the usual highlights.

My first travel assignment was in 1980 when I went white water rafting on the Sepik River in the jungle of New Guinea where many of the locals had never seen white people before and young kids just stood and stared. Some of my more recent adventures include a whirlwind trip around the world in twelve days – from Sydney to Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Buenos Aires and the quaintest, cobble street, historic town of Colonia in Uruguay:- A fascinating trip to the south Indian state of Kerala where their famous houseboats take visitors around the massive maze of waterways; – A trip to the Red Centre, my fifth, just as good as the first, with the majestic Uluru and Olgas, a variety of indigenous activities and my first experience of sleeping under the stars in a swag:- Horse riding through the snow on an enormous ranch in Colorado, escorted by the owner’s dog amongst Aspen trees which turn bright gold in autumn:- And one of my favourite places, Jordan, where I marvelled at the ‘rose city of Petra’ an amazingly visual and exciting place to be, floated in the Dead Sea and took a 4WD through Wadi Rum, a desert landscape with sheer sided, sandstone and granite mountains.

These a just a few of the many and varied trips I’ve taken over the years and I intend to do many more so I can bring some fun, excitement, fascinating stories and important information to the Talking Travel audience. I hope you enjoy listening.

About Pamela Wright

Pamela’s career spans radio production in current affairs and lifestyle, travel broadcasting, photography and freelance travel writing.  Her experience includes panel presentation with tourism and travel media worldwide.

Beginning her media career in ABC Radio in Sydney, she created a weekly program ‘Travellers Tales’ which earned high ratings right around Australia.

As Travel Editor at Radio 2GB and Radio 2UE for many years she’s now a regular contributor to travel magazines, radio programs and a variety of newspapers and is one of nine Life Members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.


Rotating Weekly with…

Green Velvet

Presented by Ruth Hessey 

A smashing mashup of interviews, soundscapes and hot music based around the coming paradigm shift to a greener fairer world.

This is not just an environment show with people banging on about recycling your bottles and cans. This is about the future, new technology, capitalism, frog orchestras, biomimetics, waste and resource management, innovation, endangered species, marine debris, post industrial society, intuitive digital , orangutans, palm oil, snake oil, and how the future has been portrayed in film and literature and what it will really be like.