Fusion Delusion

Mondays 9:30PM

Presented by Nathan and Nicholas


…and with a burst of brilliant light, 2 dust covered futuristic figures emerge. They are un-faded by the amazing spectrum unfolding around them…

Nick, the undisputed master of the fusion trawling game knows what you want to hear on a Wednesday night. He’s chosen a crimson a skinny tie, grey baggy suit and some of the most forgotten and hard to find tracks of the last 40+ Earth years. Blessed an insatiably whet appetite for electric pianos made by the Rhodes company and ice cream made by “that” company (no, the other one), Nick (AKA Space Boy) constantly delivers where so many other life forms have failed. Good consistency is not just reserved for low fat yoghurt with Nick, it is liberally spread across all genres and styles paying special attention a frequently overlooked goldmine of Fusion tunes. Fusion Jazz? – Check. Boosters? – Check. Chick? – Check. Corea? – Check. Synthesiser racks that are 3, and sometimes 4 boards deep? – We have go for launch.

Nathan, for the uninitiated, is the time signature obsessing spiritual successor of Dr Emmett Brown. That’s right people, this time-travelling drummer’s electrical, but he needs a nuclear reaction to generate the 1.21 jigowatts of electricity required to hunt down those rare grandpa cardigans. Travelling from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, this wittle pup mixes the decades in his wardrobe like oil mixes with water. And you may be thinking this quirky professor-jacket-with-elbow-patches-wearing retro maniac only knows fashion, well let me tell you he is a purveyor of fine retro synths from the best op shops in town. As for a name, those who ride the space-time continuum simply know him as none other than “Mr Fusion”. Flux Capacitor? On. Time Circuits? On. Return to Forever? On. Much to the disappointment of Space Boy, where we’re going, we don’t need Rhodes.

Whichever decade you may be in, the Fusion Delusion is worthy of your ears on Monday nights at 11.