Everything & More

Wednesdays 9:30PM

Presented by Mr Everything & Mr Moore

Everything and Moore are broadcasters of the finest order. These two are real communicators! And in this cookie-cutter age of institution-trained robotons, real communicators are  hard to find. Everything and More have learnt their skills on the job, up front of the band, in the bars and clubs and festival stages of this fine fair lady of a city .

While the city prepares for sleep after an honest workday, “Everything and Moore ” are preparing, researching, riffing story lines and theme ideas for another engrossing, entertaining radio show.  It’s as if television was never invented. Everything and More arrive fully formed, coming out of that golden mythical age of radio; the age of the wireless.

“Everything and Moore, kings of the late night air.”  Everything and Moore.

Less music! More shite!

To contact Everything and More send an email to everythingandmore@eastsidefm.org.