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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 17/11/2009

Ethiopian Pilgrims

Ceremonial umbrellaThe Queen of Sheba, The Ark of the Covenant, the lost tribe of the Jews… Ethiopia has it all.

In 1970 and 1980 hundreds of Jewish Ethiopians were flown for resettlement to Israel. The Lost Tribe? Who knows? But they certainly preserved ancient Judaic practices that survived the passage of time. I am told they are not doing very well in Israel but perhaps, that was just at the beginning?

Imagine the Queen of Sheba riding on a white camel surrounded by a caravan of dozens more camels laden with treasure on her way to Jerusalem…where she met with King Solomon. Their story is one of love at first sight. However, she returned to her native country to later give birth to King Solomon’s son… Fact? Fiction?

There is so much treasure in this country!

The music, as you heard last Monday, is absolutely tops too!

The fellow on the photo above, is about to attend a Christian mass at one of the many rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.