Program: Musicophilia

EPISODE: Musicophilia – 5:30pm 14th Jul 2018

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05:51pm - Tony Scott , Indonesian Allstars :: Djanger Bali
05:51pm - Alif Tree :: Melismes Extatique French Cuisine
05:53pm - Cork Gamelan Orchestra :: AliceSongs/The Coolagown Polka The Three Forges
05:53pm - Sticks and Nails :: Clogs
06:07pm - Decklan Kelly Presents Diesel n Dub :: King of the Mountain Global Rhythms 2016 Music Festival Eastside Radio
06:15pm - Candy Royalle Sloppy Joe :: Shadows on the Horizon Frida People Independent
06:15pm - Space Invadas :: Welcome Wil World Invada Records

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