Program: Deep Blues

EPISODE: Deep Blues – 8:00pm 11th Oct 2018

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09:38pm - Jimmy Dawkins & Otis Rush :: Cotton Country Delmark
09:39pm - Otis Rush :: I Can't Quit You Baby Cobra
09:40pm - Otis Rush :: My Love Will Never Die Cobra
09:41pm - Otis Rush :: Jump Sister Bessie Cobra
09:41pm - Otis Rush :: So Many Roads Chess
09:42pm - Otis Rush :: Mean Old World Vanguard
09:43pm - Otis Rush :: Lonely Man Bullfrog
09:44pm - Otis Rush :: Take a Look Behind / Looking Back Bullfrog
09:45pm - Otis Rush :: Three Times A Fool Cobra
09:46pm - Otis Rush :: She's A Good 'Un Cobra
09:47pm - Otis Rush :: Gambler's Blues Cotillion
09:47pm - Otis Rush :: It Takes Time Cobra
09:48pm - Otis Rush :: Checking On My Baby Cobra
09:48pm - Otis Rush :: Please Love Me Delmark
09:49pm - Otis Rush :: Double Trouble Cobra
09:49pm - Otis Rush :: All Your Love Cobra
09:51pm - Otis Rush :: Any Place I'm Going HoB / Platinum

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