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Program: Context

EPISODE: Context – 6:00pm 26th Jan 2023

Welcome to Context! Have you ever wondered why a two-degree rise in temperatures gets climate scientists so hot under the collar? Or what’s so interesting about interest rates? Context is the program for you. Each week, Daniel Bingham interviews an expert on a topic to fill in all the background information you might not get elsewhere – in other words, we put things in context.

If you need to see a doctor, it’s important to see the right one: a cardiologist for your heart, an oncologist for cancer, a podiatrist for your feet. These terms are all legally protected, meaning that any doctor holding that title has received special accreditation confirming they know what they’re talking about, essentially. But what if you want to see a cosmetic surgeon?

The title sounds authoritative, but currently in Australia “cosmetic surgeon” is not a protected term, meaning that any doctor with a medical license can both call themselves a cosmetic surgeon and perform cosmetic procedures, even if they have no accreditation in surgery. But that might all change soon: Health ministers from the states and territories have elected to restrict the title of “cosmetic surgeon”. What does that mean for doctors and their patients? Listen in to find out!

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