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EPISODE: Celluloid Symphonies – 8:00pm 29th Sep 2019

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08:01pm - HImesh :: Yesterday Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:02pm - Daniel Pemberton :: The World Is Unversal Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:05pm - HImesh :: Summer Song Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:06pm - Daniel Pemberton :: Interlude 1: A Day in the Life Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:10pm - Jim Sturgess :: I've Just Seen a Face Across The Universe (Original Soundtrack)
08:11pm - Aimee Man & Michael Penn :: Two Of Us I am Sam (Original Soundtrack)
08:14pm - Peter Sellers :: A Hard Days Night The Peter Sellers Collection
08:21pm - The Beatles :: And I Love Her A Hard Day's Night
08:25pm - T.V Carpio :: I Want to Hold Your Hand Across The Universe (Original Soundtrack)
08:26pm - Rufus Wainwright :: Across The Universe I Am Sam (Original Soundtrack)
08:31pm - George Martin :: Pepperland Yellow Submarine (Original Soundtrack)
08:39pm - HImesh :: Here comes the sun Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:42pm - HImesh :: The Long And Winding Road Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:43pm - Daniel Pemberton :: Interlude III: Gorleston Beach Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:43pm - HImesh :: Help Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
08:48pm - Evan Rachel Wood :: Blackbird Across The Universe (Original Soundtrack)
08:49pm - Trevor Gureckis :: The Goldfinch Theme (Solo Version) The Goldfinch (Original Soundtrack)
08:52pm - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis :: The Road The Road (Original Soundtrack)
08:58pm - Peter Best :: Opening Titles We Of The Never Never
08:58pm - Peter Best :: Crossing The Creek We Of The Never Never (Original Soundtrack)
09:07pm - George Martin :: Sea Of Time Yellow Submarine (Original Soundtrack)
09:10pm - The Beatles :: Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine (Original Soundtrack)
09:12pm - The Well Pennies :: All my Loving Beatles Reimagined
09:15pm - The Beatles :: Flying Magical Mystery Tour (Original Soundtrack)
09:18pm - The Beatles :: Act Naturally Help (Original Soundtrack)
09:26pm - HImesh :: Ob-La-i, Ob-La-Da Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)
09:26pm - Daniel Pemberton :: Interlude VI: Life Goes On Yesterday (Original Soundtrack)

Playlist provided by Tiriel Radio Services | TIRIEL

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