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Album of the moment

by Tony Roma
posted 05/05/2010

Eastside’s album for May 2010

Bonnie J Jensen – “Shimmer”

“S H I M M E R is the most personal and intimate of Bonnie’s 4 releases to date.  Her trademarks are all there, the smoky timbre of her voice, the pitch perfect accuracy, the lovely way she controls her lower register.  And as with her other albums, her songs are blessed with superb backups, in this case Matt McMahon, James Muller and Graham Jesse whose solos in particular, perfectly complement the melodies.”

High points include the searing Muller solo on Mose Alison’s “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”, the rich lyrical imagery and a luscious chord change in the standout track, Bonnie’s own  “Without A Word”, and the deceptive simplicity of Rodgers’ “My Romance”, which in fact was one of his own favourites and shows off some lovely restrained playing by a mature James Morrison.

The variety in this CD is another strength, calling upon the tunes of Stevie Wonder and Sting to complement a couple of deliciously seductive bossas.  Throughout it has the contemporary feel that was just hinted at in her excellent earlier CDs.  This is a logical next step for an artist who clearly has a vision for her craft and knows where she is going.  It’ll be fun to tag along for the ride.

To find out more visit Bonnie J Jensen

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