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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 12/12/2010

DAINTREE dazzle…

Daintree waterfall

An all-girls weekend in the Daintree Rainforest, tropical North Queensland, proves a hit with a bit of adventure, an introduction to Aboriginal culture,  relaxing Spa treatments and some bush foods with a twist.

Juan Walker, our Kuku Yalanji guide, takes us on a rainforest walk where he explains the uses his people have for medicinal plants and bush foods. Amazingly, most of the fruits found in this are are highly poisonous if eaten raw. The Kuku Yalanji, who inhabited this track of land for millenia, know how to process them for safe consumption.

We are staying under the green canopy provided by thousands of old trees and despite the heat we keep relatively cool. Before we get to this waterfall, Juan turns around and leaves us to enjoy it in keeping with his ancient traditions. Linda Burchill takes over the narrative and it is from her we learn this is an ancient site reserved for the use of women only.

Overhead King ferns, cycad palms and Ylanf Ylang trees provide an intensely green atmosphere.

Juan in the rainforest

Daintree Eco Lodge

The Daintree Eco Lodge has fifteen tree-houses within the rainforest.

To get a different perspective of the area  a ride on an Argo 8×8 is the thing to do

The Argo 8x8

For yet  another angle on this  110 million year old rainforest, we went on a sunset cruise on the river to spot crocs and rare birds…

And guess who was there soaking up the Aboriginal culture, assessing the Spa and tasting the Lodge’s food?

Not Quite Nigella, of food blogging fame!

For Lorraine Elliott’s complete report of her experiences at the Daintree Eco-Lodge and the bush delicacies she tried, go to:


I couldn’t do it any better than her!


Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa

15 tree houses on two hectares of virgin rainforest

20 Daintree Road, Daintree, Queensland 4873


+61 7 4098 6100 for accommodation and or Day Spa bookings

Toll free:  1 800 010 (within Australia)

Walkabout Cultural Adventures (Half and Full day Interpretive Tours with a local Kuku Yalanji guide.

Phone: 0429 478 206


Daintree ARGO 8×8 rainforest tours

1-hour tours exploring the rainforest and cattle country.

For bookings: 0409 627 434


Sunrise/Sunset Tours, for bird watching and wildlife cruises on the Daintree River and the Barratt Creek


phone: +61 7 4098 7480