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Community Billboard 1st – 7th of June


City of Sydney

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the

future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected


Mythology is an exhibition and journey brought to you by the Affectors, a group of Local, European and UK artists and creative's.
At the event you will be brought through the immersive spaces of the Rydges hotel exploring themes of ancient and contemporary Mythology.

An unusual visual arts exhibition taking place in an also unusual location, as it is the first ever art event on the rooftop known as the Surry, of the Rydges central Sydney hotel. The event will be a labyrinth of sensory experiences, interactive art pieces and contemporary takes on stories that have outlasted time.

The line up includes, Sydney’s Mike Watt, Young Earl Grey, s1t2, Jo Ley, Irene Feleo, Bill Hope, Amigo & Amigo, Peter Brew Bevan, Ben Cole, Mark Townsend, James Briscoe, and n2 Gelato just to name a few, as there is work from several more artists on the night. With cocktails and canapés throughout the night.

When: Friday 5th June from 10:00am.

Where: Rydges Sydney Central, 28 Albion Street.

All Ages.

Vinyl pop up sale

With most of the media in the world now being produced and sold digitally, it is rare that one sees a physical object that creates our entertainment, apart from our laptops and speakers.

But if you know your sounds and like the standard of the music you can hear through a vinyl record, or if you get a sense of reminiscing, letting that needle drop on a record of your youthful party days, and for the those of you who just down right have a grudge against this digital technology that has taken over with its compressed mp3 format.

Then get your hands stuck in and russtle through the giant collection of records that will be on offer for one week as there will be 70 crates of pre loved vinyls for you to dive into. Covering covering jazz, soul, blues, rock and metal, (no classical or easy listening).

When: Saturday 6th -Friday 12th June,
Open 11am-6pm.

Where: Blank_Space 374 Crown St, Surry Hills, 2010.

Cost: Free.

Share The Good this Global Sharing Week

If you are into saving money, helping others and decreasing landfill, then global sharing week is going to be a brilliant time for you, as it is the world’s largest mass engagement campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of the rapidly growing sharing economy. To help our environment and our pockets we all need to engage in the re-use revolution.

The TuShare community are from all over Australia, and are passionate about sustainability, neighbourliness and the joy of giving. Their mission is to make sharing easy, by providing a service that is personal, friendly and useful.

So instead of just leaving that piano or vacuum that you don't need anymore just out on the side of the road to be collected and dumped, or if you're after a new household item anything from bicycles to ice cream makers, then get involved as TuShare is Australia's fastest growing giving network, that makes the steps of giving and receiving simple with collections and delivery service.

Especially for global sharing week there is bound to be some great items up for grabs, and a perfect time for you to declutter while also making someones day.

When: Between Sunday 7th and Saturday 13th June.

Where: Global Sharing Week, Sydney.

Cost: Free.

Inspiring Science: Powerful Plants

We all know the natural goodness that certain plants give us for treatments and remedies, with aloe vera being a free wonder, given to us that helps us with many cures, especially sun burn in this beautifully warm country.

But apart from giving us oxygen and skin care products, what else are plants helping us with?
Dr Astha Singh and PhD candidate Jeffrey Kelleway will be discussing the benefits that are possible from certain plants to help with two very important issues.

Dr Astha Singh will be exploring the amazing anti-cancerous and antimicrobial properties of brassica plants such as broccoli. That vegetable you chop up for dinner could hold properties that might be the next main focus in relation to cancer research.

Additionally, PhD candidate Jeffrey Kelleway will be explaining why mangroves, seagrasses and salt marshes create vastly more carbon than land-dwelling forests, and will look at the potential for Australia’s vast coastal wetlands to be part of future climate change solutions.

Two of our world's biggest issues that need to be researched as much as possible, hopefully leading to a more understanding on them that could help us decrease the effects.

When: Wednesday 10th June 6-7pm.

Where: Ultimo Community Centre, 40 William Henry Street, Corner of Harris Street Ultimo 2007.

Cost: Free.

State Library of NSW Collection Talks

Nowadays with most photos being uploaded to one of the many media platforms available, the chances of us losing memorable photos that we wish to cherish are pretty slim, as they will always be able to be tracked down once they're uploaded,

Back in the 19th century things were just that little bit harder to keep a hold of. Photographs and a lot of information, people and places, got lost along the way.

In this State Library of NSW exhibition there will be evocative photographs of Sydney, that were taken by Arthur Syer to be used as source material for illustrators to draw from. Syer an amateur photographer who specialised in candid, unstaged photographs of 19th Century everyday people and subjects.

The aim was to get photographs without the knowledge of those in them so they were taken with a "detective camera" which back then was probably bigger than any camera we know of. That is why there is a distinctive low angle to the shots.

When:Thursday 11th June, 6-7pm.

Where: Glebe Library, 186 Glebe Point Road,Glebe.

Cost: Free.

Eastside 89.7 FM - Radiothon Launch Party

For all fans of Eastside Radio, fans of great music, and most importantly fans of a good party: a huge night on Eastside 89.7 FM's calendar is on next week, as it is the launch night of the 2015 radiothon.

There will be lots of great acts on the night with the headline acts being beat box vocalist extraodinaire Mr. Percival, the gypsy blues Balkan jazz cabaret band On the Stoop and a surprise closing act.

Mr. Percival has worked as being an entertainer, recording artist, singing teacher and innovator with resounding results.

On the Stoop who hail from Sydney, whose sounds can in some ways touch similarities with Balkan Gypsies, Ennnio Morricone, Nino Rota, jazz, rock, ska and a few others.

There will also be music on the night from Eastside in-house DJs Rapha, Burn Hard, Paris Groovescooter. And of course the surprise act who has got everyone guessing.

A night that will be sure not to disappoint. your favourite station's party night.

*Facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/events/1435849146719522

* Ticket link www.eastsideradiothonlaunchparty.eventbrite.com

When: Friday the 12th of June from 6:30pm.

Where: Ginger’s in Darlinghurst.

Cost: Only $10, tickets are limited so book online.

Cake Bake and Sweets show

If you are a food fair fanatic, and want a change from the typical food and wine festivals were you're eating the finest in artisan chesses and olives, and want to satisfy your inner sweet tooth that we all secretly hold.

Then this is going to be the be the cream of the crop for sweetness as Sydneys sweetest day, is just around the corner it is the biggest live event in Australia for cake decorators and food lovers. As the three-day one of a kind festival devoted to the world of baking and the art of cake decorating, is packed with celebrity demos, classes, and interactive workshops.

If you want to get your favourite baking book signed or find your wedding cake designer as the Australian cake decorating championships will be on at the event, and you can view the cake masterpieces with all entries for the competition on display for the three days of the show. Expect to see beautiful wedding cakes, fantastic novelty cakes and some of the most artistic sugarcraft in the country.

Of course there will be shopping, the best part of it, where you can find the ingredients and utensils that you don't find in your everyday store. And in the producers marketplace you can indulge in cakes, macarons, pastries, breads, jams, hand made chocolates, cookies, fudge, ice cream, caramel, brownies, crossaints and lots more.

When: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th June, 10am - 5pm.

Where: Sydney showground, Olympic park.

Cost: Single Adult pass $30, Child $25, Weekend pass Adult $67, Child $52.

Barnardos Beach Bolt - Coogee

One of the great benefits of Australian weather is that events can be held outdoors, and every week there seems to be a charitable event taking place in aid of great causes, which work brilliantly as people get to go out and take part in the activity they enjoy while also donating and raising awareness of the causes that are being highlighted on the day.

Right here in the eastern suburbs down on the lovely Coogee beach there will be the Barnardos Beach Bolt, trying to raise funds to help stop child abuse, as Barnardos has a 130 year history of caring for vulnerable children. It's a given that funding and awareness are much needed.

The run itself is the only 1 mile race in Sydney which covers running on grass, pavement, stairs and sand.

There will also be a mini bolt held for children under 8, by doing a 50m sprint so everyone can take part in the action.

All proceeds from The Barnardos Beach Bolt will go directly to Barnardos Australia to help stop child abuse.

When: Sunday 14th June.

Where: Coogee Beach, Coogee.

Cost: Adult $40, Child $20, Mini bolt entry $10.

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