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Community Billboard – 16th to the 23rd of April

City of Sydney

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected

Global Table - Bondi

An event consisting of food and activities from all over the globe happening right here on our doorstep.
Just up the road from us here at the Eastside FM station, there will be a hectic dinner taking place on a 35metre communal dinner table.
Come along to experience a cultural extravaganza of food, music, dancing and entertainment. It will be filled with cooking aromas, conversation, and the exotic sight of dancers from around the world. Learn how to cook worldly dishes with cooking demonstrations and food tasting throughout the day. Whatever you're feeling hungry for on the day I'm sure you will satisfy your taste buds as there will be food to suit all palates.

When: Sunday 3rd May 11am- 4:00pm.

Where: Oxford St. Mal l464 Oxford Street .

Cost: Free

Sydney World Laughter Day

If you're that type of person who is always cracking jokes, the character of the party, or if you want to be cheered up and would fancy having a few laughs with some like minded people, then I couldn't think of anywhere else in the world you should be other than Sydney world laughter day.

The main focus throughout this day is to get across the message of how healthy it is for one to laugh and how it can be a great natural medicine.
Based on the principles of Laughter Yoga, this is an enjoyable, social activity. You will learn the process that allows you to laugh, even if you don’t feel like it.
And what's also going to be happening on the day is a laugh-off contest so if you're up for the challenge of showing off your laugh, and you think you have Sydney's greatest laugh than why not give it a shot, it's the audience who votes so if you are that character at the party, I'm sure you would love going into the office Monday morning with your new title.
What have you got to lose going to a day packed with fun, laughs and more laughs?

When: Sunday 03 May from 11.00am to 01.00pm.

Where: Royal Botanic Gardens , Mrs Macquarie's Road,2000.

Cost: Free.

Sydney Beatbox Royale

We love all kinds of music here at Eastside (well, the good kind). However when it comes to sounds we're up for giving anything a listen to see what it's like, and if you're the same and have an ear for peculiar home grown sound you might have heard of beatboxing. It is a skill that only some people have, or maybe not so much a skill but a talent, which is the sound of beats in all different flows from some artists doing practically identical versions of Michael Jackson hits to others doing freestyle madness, all with only their mouth and lungs, and a handheld microphone.

Something that might have started out as a hobby for many people, well now there's a competition coming to Sydney. The event will see eight competitors battle it out to win the title 2015 Sydney Beatbox Champion with a trophy and prizes. A spot in the 2015 Australian Beatbox Championship will also be secured for the winner.

So if you're up for a night of full-on sounds with no instruments, then this is where it's going to be at.

When: Saturday 9th May, 7:00pm–12:00am.

Where: Play Bar, Basement 72 Campbell Street Surry Hills.

Cost: Pre-tickets $15.00, Door sales $20.00.

The Wayside Chapel Slam Poetry Competition

Public performance is not something new to Wayside, it's been shouted, sung, and preached there since the 1960's and 70's. When people gathered to give their opinion and speak out about social issues.

For an evening of poetry revolving around love and loss, laughter and sadness, and hate and forgiveness. This will not be your ordinary kind of competition. Watch the courage of people as they share their stories and experience through life and talking about relevant life issues.

When: Wednesday 22nd April from 06.00pm to 08.00pm.

Where: The Wayside Chapel, 29 Hughes St Potts Point 2011.

Cost: Free.

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