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Community Billboard 15th – 21st June

City of Sydney

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydney’s Plan for the

future – Sydney 2030 – making our city more green, global and connected

THINK Talk: Trusting Your Creativity

We all know too well how people's creativity can be knocked down, whether it be in the school yard, the work place or in relationships. Its a jealous jungle out there.

One man that certainly thinks that people are not being able to define their ideas, and this is preventing them from unleashing their creative side, is Matt Jackson who has been building a bridge between art and commerce to benefit both sides.

This THINK Talk by Matt Jackson will centre around trusting creativity, as he believes that this is the crucial step towards understanding it and ultimately applying it to the problems we face as a society.
At this event you learn more about psychological and scientific research into creativity, how business defines the value of creativity today, why individuals doubt their own creativity, the reasons most organisations fail at creativity, and how individuals and organisations can collaborate to unleash their creative potential.

This could be the event you need to get that million dollar invention rolling, what have you got to lose?

When: Thursday, 18th of June from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

Where: THINK Design, Level 1,46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo, 2007.

Cost: Free.

Different Pasts, Shared Future

From Sunday the 14th to Saturday the 20th of June, Sydney will host an exciting line up of events and activities to celebrate the asylum seekers and refugees who now call Australia home.
One of these events is an evening to celebrate the incredible contribution that refugees and asylum seekers make to Australia.

Hosted by Julia Baird, of ABC The Drum, you will hear from a number of high profile guest speakers including author Thomas Keneally, social researcher Hugh Mackay, artist Wendy Sharpe, Graham Thom, Amnesty International’s Refugee Spokesperson, and the Principal of Holroyd High School, Dorothy Hoddinott.
Asylum seeker Gerald Magala Mukiibi and refugee Prosper Gateretse will share their stories of their journey to where they are now, and we will be entertained by singer songwriter Miriam Lieberman.

The main organiser of the event is the Asylum Seekers Centre, who are a not-for-profit organisation and rely on grants, donations and volunteers to undertake their work.
So if this is an area close to you, or even if you are just interested in hearing someone's story of how they travelled in search of a better life, than this is where you will hear insightful personal experiences.

When: Thursday 18th June, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Where: Sydney Town Hall (Lower Hall),
483 George Street, 2000.

Cost: $8:54.

Astronomy in the Park

If the outer galaxy is something that has always interested you, and you fancy yourself as bit of an astrologist, or if you just like gazing up into the starry sky and pointing out the southern cross, then why not head along for a night of informative discussion on astronomy, and find out what you might not know about the galaxy and what could be out there.

The great benefit of this event is you don't have far to go, as all you will have to do is look up.
Astronomy in the park is where you can hear a presentation by a guest astronomer or astrophysicist, followed by a campfire with toasted marshmallows, star gazing, and stories.

Each event is themed around an astronomical event, and the star of the night happening next is the Pleiades. One of the nearest star clusters to Earth and the most visible to the naked eye, the Pleiades are immortalized in legends from ancient Babylon to the Aztecs. At this event they will be celebrating the story of Matariki, the Maori new year.

The host on the night to keep you all tuned in to what you are looking at, is going to be Krzysztof Bolejko, who is a cosmologist, interested in all things big and mysterious, from dark energy to supernovae. He will be giving a guided tour of the universe beyond our own galaxy, and the unusual inhabitants of deep space.

So if you want to sound like you know all about space the next time someone points out a star, or if you have a genuine interested in the world of astronomy than this is an event for you.

When: Friday the 19th of June, 6.30pm-8.00 pm.

Where: Learning Centre, Education Precinct, Dickens Drive, Centennial Park, 2021.

Cost: $17.


Here at Eastside Radio we are big fans of the cycling scene, as some of you may know from taking part in the Sydney Rides Business Challenge, and if you are a Sydneysider, or even if you have been here just for a little while, you don't have to be around this city long to realise that the traffic situation can be on the crazy side of things from time to time.

If you are someone who cares about the biking, walking, public transport, and motoring experience in Sydney, and believes in the value of collaborative problem solving,
then this is an event not to miss.

CycleHack is joining a network of over 35 global cities working towards solutions to the barriers to cycling. With the efforts of a team of BIKESydney volunteers and local designers, it is a weekend-long event that uses design thinking to generate physical, digital, policy, and campaign solutions which are practical and people focused, and address the barriers to cycling.

With debate about the rights and wrongs of different road and shared path users in Sydney, this is the perfect time to reframe the debate and solve biking barriers through a positive lens. Rider or driver: this is an event that will be informative to both.

When: From Friday the 19th to Sunday the 21st of June.

Where: University of Technology Sydney (Building 1), 15 Broadway, Ultimo 2007.

Cost: $35.

Quicksand Maroubra

Another event happening in our eastern suburbs, in aid of a great cause, Maroubra beach will be holding three runs in aid of Fr. Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets Charity. This is a charity set up to assist homeless and needy teenagers looking for direction and support in their lives.

The event taking place is Pat Farmer's Quicksand Maroubra. The theme of the event will reflect the work of the charity. In the darkest moments, closest to the darkest day of the year, the runners will shine a beacon of hope and support for the people who are unfortunately homeless.

The events slogan is one night, three runs, one beach and that's exactly what it is, the shortest run out of the three is quite long at 10k and then the other two are definitely something you want to be prepared for, as its a half marathon at (21.1km) or a full marathon of (42.195km).

To donate to a great cause and also try be like Pat Farmer the ultramarathon athelete himself, this is an event to fit both needs.

When: Saturday the 20th of June from 3:00pm to 10:00pm.

Where: Maroubra Beach.

Cost: 10km $50, half marathon and full marathon $100.

Creative Carreers Expo

If you are in the digital media field of work, or want to get into it, there is an event day taking place for anyone wanting to further their understanding of digital media.

As the AIT academy of information technology, will be hosting a day of presentations and workshops for anyone interested in the works of digital and creative experts, as there will be over 30 industry professionals speaking about careers in the digital and creative industry.
Areas of discussion will be Film, IT, Social Media, Animation, Games, Blogging, Graphic Design, Programming, Web Development, Apps and More.

Some of the speakers are Prop Designer for Star Wars & The Matrix Lewis Morley, and Animator for The Discovery Channel Adam Katz plus many more.

To find out how to get a job in digital media, introduction to 3D modelling, how to make money from your website and everything in between this is a must event for all the techies out there. The way of the future, as you might say.

When: Tuesday the 23rd of June from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Where: AIT Academy of Information Technology, 7 Kelly St, Level 2, Ultimo, 2007.

Cost: Free.

The Swing Merchants

If you are wanting a night of some great swinging jazz but are unsure who to go see, The Swing Merchants are a great start. This upcoming group only formed early this year, but have collectively performed alongside jazz luminaries including Jeff Clayton, James Morrison, Don Burrows, Emma Pask, Gordon Goodwin and Bob Montgomery.

In James Morrison's opinion “With guys like these, the future of jazz is in good hands” – James Morrison (AM).

The Swing Merchants are a group of like-minded young players whose main aim is to swing, and to swing hard. Bringing vocals, reeds, guitar, double bass and drums to Sydney on their east coast tour, they are sure to be giving it their all, as they are planning on releasing an album this year, it will be a very entertaining and up beat performance.

With influences drawn from Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins and The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, The Swing Merchants’s swinging arrangements will take you back in time, to celebrate the early years of jazz, dating as far back as the Dixieland era.

When: Wednesday the 24th of June 8:30pm - 11:00pm.

Where: Foundry 616, 616-620 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007.

Cost: $21.50, Drinks and show $40.50.

Good Vibrations

For all you Eastsiders, right here in Paddington there is going to be an alcohol-free night out, as the conscious club are bringing an event to our neighbourhood. The conscious club is a Not-For-Profit Organisation and a community service, all about creating conscious community through the medium of what they refer to as ‘enlighter-tainment’.

Each Conscious Club evening intelligently weaves together enlightening entertainment of all genres including uplifting live music, films that provide insight into the human condition, knowledge presentations from some of the world’s thought leaders, the rare opportunity to to be in the presence of hundreds of meditating minds, the sharing of a delicious vegetarian feast and a social experience that is vibrant beyond measure.

With events cropping up all around the world since 2012, this one on our doorstep is going to be known as "Good Vibrations", as Matt Omo who works in energy and breathwork will be leading the crowd through a transformational sound immersion, using a variety of instruments including didjeridoo and Tibetan ancient techniques, to create a powerful 60 minute experience called Soul Vibing. You will be guided on a journey to quiet the mind, release stress and experience expanded consciousness.

It comes at a good time to hold such an event as the united nations international yoga day, will be just a few days beforehand on the 21st.
You are advised to bring a yoga mat or blanket so you can take part in all the experience has to offer. There will also be a vegetarian, gluten free meal on the night in case you get peckish.

In the conscious club's own words "The events are far from a hippy commune, but rather a conglomeration of people from all walks of life who simply desire to enjoy an inspirational social experience that is fun, informative and uplifting in every way."

When: Thursday the 25th of June, 6pm Meal & Mingle, 7pm event starts.

Where: Paddington Town Hall 249 Oxford Street, 2021.

Cost: $55, meal $15.

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