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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 10/10/2010

Chasing the Green Fairy on Armchair Traveller

Meagan Fitton, presents Armchair Traveller, captured by the Green Fairy

~ Armchair Traveller ~with Meagan Fitton ~ Wednesday ~ 11.30 am til noon ~

La Fée Verte, the Green Fairy had eluded me until enchanted by a friend’s absinthe vessel, I was enthralled to learn more and now captured by Absinthism, I am drawn to her.

Called a muse – as well as other more derogatory names, the Green Fairy has been blessed and blamed for inspiring many.

Gaye Valttila, Absinthe Salon

Herself captivated by Absinthe, Gaye Valttila and her partner Joop van Heusden have established Australia’s first Absinth Salon, a quaint venue which has been operating from Surry Hills for the past eleven months.

Gaye and Joop import some of the world’s finest available Absinthe and share it with Sydney-siders.

The Absinthe Salon is a destination like none I have ever experienced. From approaching the beautiful corner terrace on Albion St in Surry Hills – pressing the door bell and entering to begin the Absinthe ritual, you are in for a journey.

Whether you have collided with the fairy previously or are new to her delights, you’ll be bewitched by La Fée Verte and the Absinth Saloon, featured on Armchair Traveller this Wednesday, October 13th, from 11.30 am – til noon.

~ Meagan Fitton

Water dripped creates the dance of the louche

The sugar dissolves into the louche

Gay Valttila, starts the dance of louche

For more information about the Absinthe Salon or to order your own bottle/s of Absinthe go to: http://www.absinthesalon.com.au/

Eastside Radio asks that you enjoy the Green Fairy responsibly!