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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 11/01/2011

Attention Armchair Travellers – Pack Light with an Alyce Platt ‘My Essentials’ Sun Wrap Give-Away

When it comes to travel and making it as easy as possible – packing is very important – not just packing so that you are not lugging things around, but packing so that you feel as though you have packed appropriately both for the conditions of where you are travelling and also so that you can dress comfortably, with a sense of style and self expression.

You can achieve this by selecting light clothing in neutral tones that can be layered as required.

Recently I discovered an the ideal item! Its a very versatile sun wrap created by Alyce Platt; Australian Actress, TV Presenter, Singer, Song writer, Voice-Over Artists and much more – this very talented lady has recently released a line of ‘essentials.’ 

Click on the following link to hear Alyce explain more: Packing Light with Alyce Platt’s My Essentials Sun Wrap

GIVE-AWAY: Alyce has generously offered one of her wraps to be won by a lucky Armchair Traveller –  to win, share a travel tip below in the ‘comments’ field. The best will be selected and contacted to claim the prize.

Competition is open between Wednesday 26th, January 2011 and February 28th, 2011.

Check out Alyce Platt’s ‘My Essentials’ at http://myessentialsalyceplatt.com.au/products-wrap.php

Happy Travels – in style and comfort!

By Meagan Fitton