Every THURSDAY FROM 6 – 6:30pm Something Else offers a weekly half-hour slice of alternative arts, where definitions are thrown to the wind, and the creativity of folk is explored. The show facilitates conversations with artists at all stages and experiences of their work with a particular interest in new ways of engaging audiences.

Something Else has a rotating roster of presenters specialising in different areas of the arts, from visual art to theatre, film to poetry, sound art to comedy, writing to music.

Executive Producers: Joel Hagen and Maren Smith (+ Rhys Cohen as Acting Producer)

Presenters: Daniel Green, Daniel Muggleton & Samuel Kettler, Ira Ferris, Julian Ramundi.

Past Something Elsers have included: Charlotte Karp, Justine Poon, Kath Lim, Lauren Carroll Harris, Matthias Watson, Tanja Johannessen.

For the latest news and to hear some of the previous shows follow Something Else’s:


Image by Filippo Grando


Joel Hagen (Executive Producer) is happy to be back from working overseas on the Tribeca Film Festival, so he can reconnect with the lovely Something Else team, fans and listeners. But just returning to the airwaves wasn’t enough for Joel, he has decided to step up his alternative arts game by co-producing the show too! Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media from UNSW’s College of Fine Arts last year where he focused in film production and screenplay writing. When he isn’t living it up in NY working in festival production, he’s back home in Sydney getting involved in all kinds of projects and co-presenting Something Else. He wrote the short film Jordan, produced the music video for Little Fingers by Guineafowl, directed a series of short plays at TAP Gallery and can be reached @JoelHagen or on his The Loop page. Joel is currently producing independent feature film One Less God.

Maren Smith (Executive Producer) enjoys making and consuming anything that moves and fits in rectangles with a variety of different aspect ratios, as well as many things that don’t. She’s graduate from UTS with BA in Communications (Media Arts & Production) / BA in International Studies (German), and has completed an Honours year in Arts (Film Theory) at USyd. She currently works as a freelance film producer, director and assistant director. Maren is currently producing independent feature film One Less God. Maren’s words on the subject of film, art and other consumables can be found here – or twitter @marensmith

Rhys Cohen (Acting Producer) is a culture vulture with a passion for theatre and film. He has a somewhat unhealthy relationship to funk, jazz and old-time tunes, as well as being a writer, musician and inner-west junkie and can be found most nights eating and drinking his way through King Street. As a global studies student, he’s especially interested in social and political issues, though he tends to eschew protests in favour of loud and animated conversations over a pint or three.



Ira Ferris was born in Europe, Croatia and moved to Sydney in 2007. After completing a masters in Journalism, Ira worked in communications and events management at the Sydney Film School. Currently back at Uni, she’s undertaking an Arts degree majoring in Art History and Philosophy. As a contemporary dancer she was a member of the Croatia’s “Zagreb Youth Theatre”. Ira blogs on conceptual and performance art, as well as on aesthetics:

Julian Ramundi is the penultimate slashie; this actor / singer  / DJ / event producer / club promoter / director has been involved in various parts on the Sydney arts scene for a number of years. He’s performed in both underground and mainstage theatre, DJd clubs and festivals around Australia, has been involved in promoting legendary parties such as Sosueme and Purple Sneakers, as well as winning the Smirnoff Promoter Grant in 2010. His new love is directing, with various theatre and film projects completed and in development over 2012. Radio is the newest notch in his belt, but he is keen to tell stories and bring people the best in Sydney’s amazing cultural scene. The only thing he doesn’t do is dance.

Other Bios coming up soon.