Between the Covers

Mondays 6 – 6:30pm – This show ended April 2012

Eastside Radio’s dedicated book review program

Presented by Niyati Libotte, Jared Reed & Meagan Fitton

Jared, Niyati and Meagan

On Between the Covers no book is too great or too small to chat about. If it lies between the covers, it will be read and discussed.

Eastside Radio’s dedicated team of Presenters; Niyati, Jared and Meagan, bring you the latest printed delights, every Tuesday from 11.30 til noon. In this thirty minute show, the presenters target at least one great read, always aiming to delve below the surface.

Between the Covers always delivers unique perspectives. No genre or title is off limits! With wonderful publishers on board, we cover Children’s, Young Adult, Literature, Cookery and everything in between.

If you would like to hear from a particular author, or want more info about latest releases or up-coming events for writers, just drop Eastside an email with the subject ‘Attention BTC’ and let us know how Between the Covers can help you. Our dedicated reviewers will take a look!

There are so many reasons to get Between the Covers with us. If you are a subscriber, you can call up after the show to enter the draw to win a copy of the latest book reviewed on the show, as well as many more delightful book give-aways.

NEWS: Between the Covers interviews will be streaming soon, for your book loving convenience!

Niyati Libotte: Executive Producer/Presenter

Niyati Libotte is a Media Producer, Writer and certified bookworm! Following graduation from UTS in 2005, she launched Between the Covers on Eastside Radio’s airwaves to share her passion for the written word. Since then the program has blossomed into a diverse and satisfying array of discussions with noted authors, in-depth book reviews and all things in between, both local and international.

When Niyati isn’t chatting on radio, she’s writing and producing film/TV documentaries and cross-platform stories for Australian and overseas audiences. She’s also a part-time Jazz/Lounge singer with the outfit Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

For more information and professional credits for Niyati please go to:

Meagan Fitton: Producer/Presenter

In 2005, Meagan received certification for her life long passion to share stories in print and radio by obtaining a B.A in Media Studies from Murdoch University, Western Australia.

Prior to joining Between the Covers on Eastside Radio 89.7fm, Meagan worked for several years with some of Australia’s finest actors, recording and producing audio books. Meagan has also lived and worked in the Pacific where she contributed to ABC Radio Australia’s program Pacific Beat.

When Meagan isn’t reading and reviewing books for Between the Covers she enjoys travel writing.

Jared Reed: Producer/Presenter

Jared Reed is a Journalist with a background in PR/web content/researching and radio. He enjoys uncovering amazing authors and stories on the ‘every Tuesday book club’ that is Between the Covers.

Originally from Perth, Jared loves exposées, memoirs and biographies, feature stories, spy fiction, satire, travel accounts and the odd sneaky trashy mag!