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by rosenblums
posted 08/02/2010


Bliss Jensen will be joining me in the studio at about 9:45 am for this week’s episode of Now Showing and at 10:10 am we will hear the second episode of New Antiques with Andrew Shapiro.

My special guest in the studio this week is Richard White, co-editor of Symbols of Australia: uncovering the stories behind the myths. Richard teaches Australian history at Sydney University and is widely published in his field. All the big ones you can think of are in the book: Vegemite, Sydney Opera House, the pavlova, the Holden and more. I look forward to a fun conversation!

Last week I played music about flora so thought it only fair to give our animal friends their turn this week – that is except for a couple of Australian icons to punctuate my conversation with Richard.

As always, I look forward to your company!