Another World

Sundays 2PM

Presented by Siobhán Moran-McFarlane

Let yourself be transported to Another World every Sunday afternoon by host Siobhán Moran-McFarlane as she examines historical, social, cultural and political issues from other cultures through reports, interviews and debates. World music provides an appropriate accompanying dynamic to each week’s discussions.

Subject matter experts and other unique guests offer a thorough insight and sometimes alternative perspective on many of the lesser known stories affecting this planet and others.

Another World explores often unfamiliar situations from all the hidden, and sometimes more obvious, corners of the world, encouraging the listener to think about the very different lives that others are born into.

Another World joins the catalogue of Eastside Radio programs that reflect the listeners’ intellectual, artistic and community focused mindset with a high regard for other cultures and ways of life.

You can find extra content on this page and Another World’s social media, including extended interviews, unheard stories, photos, videos and links to guests.

Listeners are encouraged to give their thoughts on each episode and suggest topics they would like to be discussed on future shows via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram:

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Another World supports audience participation and critical thinking. In every story, the listener is encouraged to think about the relevance of the issues in Australia and to see that another world isn’t so far away…

About Siobhán

Born to Australian and Irish parents in the UK and subsequently living in Canada, Norway, the Netherlands and now Sydney, Siobhán has plenty of first hand experience of different cultures and ways of life. This is enhanced by a life long fascination of the ‘other’ in all its many forms across the world.

Siobhán has a Bachelor of International Studies and Master of International Affairs: Peace and Conflict Studies, which ensures she never runs out of ideas for content and understands how to approach complex and challenging issues in a culturally appropriate way.

In 2016, Siobhán also completed an Advanced Diploma in Radio at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) in Sydney. This provides her with the end-to-end radio production and digital content skills she now uses to bring Another World to life, merging together for the first time her three passions: international relations, travel and media.

Siobhán has also completed an internship at the ABC Central Victoria in Bendigo, an experience that taught her a real world understanding of what it takes to reach a geographically and a demographically diverse audience.

From October 2016 to July 2017, Siobhán was Producer and Co-Host of Under the Table on Eastside Radio.