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Album of the Week – Cleon’s Three ‘Techni-colour Rain’

This week Eastside Radio is celebrating the debut release from trio Cleon’s Three entitled ‘Techni-colour Rain’. The album represents the melding of each individual musician’s distinctive influence on each other’s crafts; a truly organic and collaborative project.

The album features the musical styling’s of composer and pianist Cleon Barraclough, Osmar ‘Chiky’ Salazar on electric bass and Sacha K on drums. As the album’s producer, John Haeny describes, “Our conversation started focused an un-defined experimental project. As time passed Cleon connected with Osmar ‘Chiky’ Salazar on bass and Sacha Kloostra (Sacha K), each with heavy Cuban Jazz influences. Cleon has always had a deep and abiding love of Latin music.” Salazar had been developing his compositional and musical director chops as part of the international ‘Ballet Revolucíon’ tour, an addition to his past experience and deep love for the Cuban roots genre and session experience on numerous albums and virtuoso work.



Afro-Cuban Jazz is the ‘music world’s’ interpretation of the album, a genre that Barraclough mention’s is gaining momentum in his hometown of Brisbane; “A lot of people are now dancing to Afro-Cuban blues, but we’ve stripped it back a bit and taken more of an experimental approach. We’re doing more Cuban jazz harmonies and more odd-time signs, so some of it you can dance to but some of it, maybe not.” (Scenestr.com.au)

This is the prefect album for both jazz lovers looking to see the influences of modernity on the genre, yet also for newcomers to the scene who may have been looking for a change from more of a straight world background. Hear Cleon’s Three beautifully meld their talents for improvisational music with their love of the worldly sounds of Latin African and Cuban music. This is an album that is a call back to the basics of jazz as the key that allowed composers to compliment their loves of multiple genres and unite them into one giant melting pot of a sweet musical soundscape; having their cake and eating it too!

Cleon’s Three plan to continue the album’s debut tour throughout the year.

Head to the group’s FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YOUTUBE pages to find out when they are coming to a venue near you.




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