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by stapletonm
posted 11/03/2015

A future world – design evolution

Steve Pozel Australian Design Centre

Steve Pozel Australian Design Centre

Stephen Mushin with Cowship, photo by Androniki Christodoulou









This Arts Thursday’s Design Antenna, looks to the future and the evolving role of design.

Imagine a world where cows floated above the earth, kept aloft by the methane gas they produced, or where we farmed polar bears in a special icy environment, for their skins and meat, to keep the species alive once the arctic had melted.

These and other brilliant concepts to address the sustainability of the planet are the ideas of Stephen Mushin – artist, designer and creative imaginer – whose exquisite drawings, showing a range of ideas that are all theoretically possible to save the planet, are presented in an exhibition Now If What Then at the new Grace Cossington Smith Gallery at Wahroonga. You can hear Stephen and also Mary Faith, Director of the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, tell us about the exhibition this Arts Thursday, 12 February at 10:30am with Maisy Stapleton

Stephen’s ideas are also explored in the touring exhibition CUSP, which was developed by Object Australian Design Centre.

And in a double design bill this Arts Thursday, we welcome Steve Pozel, Director of Object Australian Design Centre and gain some insight into Steve’s background, his leadership of Object over the last 15 years as well as many of the ideas that are driving the Centre into the future. In fact 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Object and Steve reveals plans for its next 50 years.

Join Maisy Stapleton in conversation with Steve Pozel and explore the exhibition Now If What Then at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery with Stephen Mushin and Mary Faith.

Arts Thursday, every fortnight with Maisy Stapleton, with extended interviews and in-depth coverage of the arts and design.

Visit the Grace Cossington Art Gallery for Now If What Then a solo exhibition of recent drawings and 3D printed models by Stephen Mushin until April 11. For details see: https://www.gcsgallery.com.au/

For more information about Stephen Mushin go to http://stephenmushin.com/

You can find out more about Object and Steve Pozel at http://www.object.com.au/

Illustrations below by Stephen Mushin

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