by Hanna Devaud
posted 24/09/2015

From Australia with love

Hi everybody,


 I’m Hanna ! Like I do see myself staying here for awhile, let me introduce myself.

 I’m from France, more specifically from Evian, a thermal station, famous for its water. I grew up  between the banks of the Leman Lake that we shared with Swiss people and the Mont blanc. Yes,  I’m a mountain girl ! What major change is Sydney for me !

My school curriculum was structured  around Literature and for a long time, i’m planned to do an journalism career. I have work with  some associations and my last experience was in the newspaper of my city where I was a local  correspondant.I’ve always been attracted by every communication & media’s things and  everything that may mix overseas and learning, Great Britain, Cuba, Kenya … I’m  constantly pleased to learn new culture, meet new people and course, try new food !

So, after have published few articles and blow 20 candles on my birthday cake, I took a sabbatical year in my life and my French literature studies in the University of Lyon III and decided to come in Australia. It was actually my dream for a long time! And to make my trip more rewarding and like I’m going to do an journalism school in the South of France,  Eastside radio have give me the honour to work in their community.

My music taste ? For resume, strangely motley.… from The Teddybears band to Chopin, from Beach boys to JJ Grey (& Mofro) .. I need to have an Ipod like is my thought ; disordely ! And  working in a radio is an awesome opportunity and more in a Jazz Radio.Jazz is one of the most impressive music in the world.  Always easy to recognized it, but you will never hear the same thing, so several instrument, style… However, if I enjoy listening jazz singer, I think there is nothing better that a simple saxo solo.

But come on, less chitchat & more music ! 

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