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Album of the Week – ‘Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors’ by Joseph Tawadros


‘Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors’ by Joseph Tawadros is Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week.

In the words of fellow musician James Greening, “He [Tawadros] brings a modern and slightly insane slant on everything”.The charismatic, prolific and and inventive musical virtuoso presents the thirteenth instalment to his back catalogue of releases. The album is a unique showcase of East meeting West with harmonies, melodies and rhythmic orchestrations calling back to the bizarre’s of Cairo, mixed with elements of traditional instrumentation like the piano and trombone giving new audiences to Tawadros’s work a sense of familiarity. Rhythm in particular is a technique utilised in all twenty tracks as the artist omits common engine room instruments like a drum kit or bass. This lack of support pushes all involved to compensate with pronounced rhythmic phrases and of course to look to it’s creator intently for direction and guidance. Not only this but the selection of instruments themselves is a somewhat disorientating notion, mixing the Oud, Accordion, Trombone and Piano as a core quartet with some percussive support elevates the challenging nature of the music.  Although the composition’s themselves were highly orchestrated, Tawadros clearly showcases a deep understand and faith in the ability of all players on the record as the listener does get treated with some elements of improvisation and customisation, a sort of in-the-moment style arranging and playing from time to time.The album features alongside Tawadros on Oud, James Crabb on Accordion, James Greening on Trombone, Matt McMahon on Piano and brother and long time collaborator James Tawadros on Req and Bendir.

“I think this is my fourth recording with Jo and they’re all different, but there’s always some common features in it too. I really enjoy it, it’s a challenge, it’s something different for me, but at the same time Jo wants people to bring their own things into it, so you really get a chance to just ‘play music’. It’s not a real agenda of having to play this way or that way.” – Matt McMahon

Track Listing

1. Odd Tango

2. Broken Wing

Truth Seeker Suite in A

3. I. Truth Seeker

4. II. Lover

5. III. Warrior

6. Strange Times

7. Afterthoughts

Three Sketches of Gallipoli

8. I. Dawn

9. II. Dusk

10. III. Remembrance

11. Shadow Dance

12. Dream with Me

13. All is Well

14. Gem

15. You Take Over

16. House of Tomorrow

One Note Nostalgia

17. I. Creation

18. II. The Storm

19. III. Anxious Memory

20. Cat and Mouse

Album Artists:

Joseph Tawadros – Oud

James Crabb – Accordion

James Greening – Trombone

Matt McMahon – Piano

James Tawadros – Req and Bendir

Be sure to tune in throughout the week to hear tracks from the album ‘Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors’ by Joseph Tawadros. You can also grab the album at www.josephtawadros.com. By signing up to become a supporter of the station during its Radiothon (14th – 20thJune 2015) you will also be in the draw to win a copy of the release. To find out more head to WWW.EASTSIDEFM.ORG/SUPPORTUS.

Stay in touch with Joseph Tawadros via FACEBOOK or at www.josephtawadros.com



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