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Forever French

by reception
posted 09/12/2011

07/12/2011 Forever French with Philippe Le Guay

Gabrielle Haumesser and Philippe Le Guay for Forever French

Last Wednesday, French movie Director Philippe Le Guay was in EastSide FM’s studios to talk about his delightful movie “The Women on the 6th Floor”. Gabrielle and Sandrine were very pleased to interview him.

To write the story of the film, Philippe Le Guay said he was inspired by his own experience as a child with a Spanish nanny.

The story takes place in Paris in the 1960s. It shows through a light angle how a grown-up Parisian bourgeois discovers the underground world of Spanish maids and finally opens up to intercultural experiences.

The performance of the French and Spanish actors, among whom French beloved and talented Fabrice Luchini, highly contributes to make the movie enchanting. Also, the structure of the story based on a great theatre tradition of blurring the relations between masters and maids really helps to make the movie funny and warm-hearted.

“The Women on the 6th Floor” has been a great success in France as it was watched by more than 2,5 million people. It also received enthusiastic critics at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival.

The Palace Verona in Paddington and Palace Norton Street in Leichardt will play the movie until December 11th.