Tuesday Drive

Tuesdays 4PM

Presented by David Barr

Hosted by David Barr, the program is an eclectic mix of roots, soul, blues, folk, contemporary Americana and African music.

“My main interest is music south of the Mason Dixon line and African music.

The southern part of the US has given us a rich legacy of wonderful and diverse music which has influenced popular culture worldwide .Much of contemporary mainstream music has its roots in the American south. In turn its roots can be traced back to the music of West Africa which was introduced by the slaves. The connection between the Blues and the music of the Sahel region is readily apparent and has brought about collaboration between African and Western musicians such as Ry Cooder, Justin Adams, Taj Mahal, Jeff Lang and many others.

The rich fabric that is American music also incorporates the Celtic folk music tradition from the UK and Ireland.

Drive Tuesday will reflect this musical diversity and I hope listeners will find an element of unpredictability about it.”

Recent Episodes

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 26th July, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 26th July, 2016
bela fleck & abigail washburn - railroad
RELEASE: bela fleck & abigail washburn
steve martin & edie brickell - sarah jane & the iron mkuntain baby
RELEASE: love has come to you
etta james & harvey fuqua - if i can't have you
RELEASE: her best
leonard cohen - boogie street
RELEASE: live in london
dave rawlings machine - short haired woman blues
RELEASE: nashville obsolete
aviida - you make feel like a natural woman
aviida - get down
bonnie raitt & habib koite - back around
RELEASE: blues around the world
steve earle & shawn colvin - you were on my mind
RELEASE: earle & colvin
mandolin orange - waltz about whiskey
RELEASE: this side of jordan
delaney and bonnie - that's what my man is for
RELEASE: on tour with with eric clapton
the handsome family - so much wine
RELEASE: in the air
kri kristofferson - me and bobby mcgee
RELEASE: live at the philharmonic
ray charles and norah jones - here we go again
RELEASE: genius loves companyI

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 19th July, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 19th July, 2016
leanne tennant - gentle annie
RELEASE: red wine, late nights
the valentines - gun fever
RELEASE: theme time radio hour
magnificent sevenths - cc rider
RELEASE: bourbon street jazz
al dexter - pistol packin' mama
RELEASE: theme time radio hour
susan jarosz - lost dog
RELEASE: undercurrent
mary gauthier - i drink
RELEASE: lost highway
arlo guthrie - highway in the wind
marilyn barbarin - tell me why
RELEASE: new orleans jazz gumbo
solomon burke - fast train
RELEASE: the wire
jim & ingrid croce - big wheel
RELEASE: jim & ingrid croce
marc lelangue - memphis
RELEASE: greenville
majid bekkas - african blues
RELEASE: african gnaoua blus
jim gaffigan - live longer
RELEASE: obsessed
brushtone string - destiny
RELEASE: live at new orleans jazz & heritage festival

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 12th July, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 12th July, 2016
boll weevil - punch brothers
RELEASE: the phospherecent blues
tinty tim - on the old front porch
RELEASE: live at the royal albert hall
tiny tim - as time goes by
RELEASE: live at the royal albert hall
marvin gaye & tammi terrel - ain't no mountain high enough
RELEASE: united
marvin gaye - life is a gamble
RELEASE: trouble man
al stewart - on the border
RELEASE: year of the cat
nils lofgren - dritin' man
RELEASE: nils lofgren band live
martha high - i can't hold on
RELEASE: singing for the good times
kris kristofferson - late john garfield blues
RELEASE: live at the philharmonic
muddy waters & the paul butterfield blues band - long distance call
RELEASE: fathers and sons
the black twig pickers & steve gunn - trailways ramble
RELEASE: seasonal hire
spirit - cold wind
RELEASE: clear
bill withers - lean on me
RELEASE: still bill
paul pena - kargyraa moan
RELEASE: beyond mississippi