Tuesday Drive

Tuesdays 4PM

Presented by David Barr

Hosted by David Barr, the program is an eclectic mix of roots, soul, blues, folk, contemporary Americana and African music.

“My main interest is music south of the Mason Dixon line and African music.

The southern part of the US has given us a rich legacy of wonderful and diverse music which has influenced popular culture worldwide .Much of contemporary mainstream music has its roots in the American south. In turn its roots can be traced back to the music of West Africa which was introduced by the slaves. The connection between the Blues and the music of the Sahel region is readily apparent and has brought about collaboration between African and Western musicians such as Ry Cooder, Justin Adams, Taj Mahal, Jeff Lang and many others.

The rich fabric that is American music also incorporates the Celtic folk music tradition from the UK and Ireland.

Drive Tuesday will reflect this musical diversity and I hope listeners will find an element of unpredictability about it.”

Recent Episodes

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 28th June, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 28th June, 2016
gregory porter - in heaven
RELEASE: take me to the alley
kobo town - kaiso newscast
RELEASE: jumbie in the dukebox
tony joe white - willie and laura mae jones
RELEASE: the best of tony joe white
sonny terry & brownie mcghee - i was bporn with the blues
RELEASE: acoustic america
jeffrey foucault - lodi
RELEASE: stripping cane
corey harris - mr turner
RELEASE: mississippi to mali
hot tuna - true religion
RELEASE: burgers
hot tuna - 99 year blues
RELEASE: burgers
doug kershaw - louisiana man
RELEASE: cajun son
vibrations - hamburgers on a bun
RELEASE: soul city chicago
the head and the heart - rivers and roads
RELEASE: the head and the heart
red horse - wayfaring stranger
RELEASE: red horse
yeshe - chaminuka
RELEASE: roots and wings
willie watson - rock salt and nails
RELEASE: folk singer vol 1
mojo juju - sweet tsunami symphony
RELEASE: mojo juju
sahara beck - maary jane
RELEASE: you could be happy
van morrison - sweet thing
RELEASE: its too late to stop now
charlie parr - 1922 blues
RELEASE: cheap wine

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 21st June, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 21st June, 2016
paul kelly & the stormwater boys - rally round the drum
RELEASE: foggy highway
river matthews - over
RELEASE: feels like morning
the crystals - he's a rebel
RELEASE: he's a rebel
the marvelettes - too strong to be strung along
RELEASE: he's a rebel girll groups of the sixties
lavern baker - i cried a tear
RELEASE: live in hollywood
dusty springfield - i don't want to hear it anymore
RELEASE: dusty in memphis
aretha franklin - bridge over troubled waters
RELEASE: live at fillmore west
amy winehouse - back to black
RELEASE: back to black
barbara lynne - a losing battle
RELEASE: new orleans gris gris
johnny adams - a losing battle
RELEASE: new orleans gris gris
clarence frogman henry - on bended knees
RELEASE: new orleans gris gris
slim harpo - one more day
RELEASE: new orleans gris gris
africa express - wade in the water
RELEASE: maison des jeunes
liz stringer - high open hills
RELEASE: live at the yarra
the good luck thrift store outfit - the very best
RELEASE: the good luck thrift dtore outfit
frazey ford - one more cup of coffee
RELEASE: obadiah
jaye bartell - burden
RELEASE: light enough
billy bragg & wilco - way over yonder in the minor key
RELEASE: mermaid ave

Play Tuesday Drive - 04:00pm - Tuesday 14th June, 2016

Tuesday Drive - 12:00am Tuesday 14th June, 2016
billy stewart - sitting in the park
RELEASE: chess chartbusters
muddy waters tribute band - walking through the park
RELEASE: you're gonna miss me
moorditj brothers - sangria sunday
RELEASE: moordiditj brothers
the band - rockin' chair
RELEASE: live at the academy of music
eric clapton - i dreamed of st augustine
RELEASE: i still do
dave matthews band with carlos malta - say goodbye
RELEASE: live in rio
dr john - how come my dog don't bark when you come around
RELEASE: goin back to new orleans
queen porter stomp - why do birds sing
RELEASE: queen porter stomp
dan kelly - baby bonus
RELEASE: leisure panic
river whyless - maple sap
RELEASE: best of blues and roots 2016
leon russell - in the pines
RELEASE: best of hank wilson
leon russell - sixteen tons
RELEASE: best of hank wilson
st paul and the broken bones - call me
RELEASE: best of blues and roots 2016
leon bridges - coming home
RELEASE: best of blues and roots
chicago transit authority - does anyone really know what time it is
RELEASE: chicago transit authority
kenny wayne shepherd, neil big daddy patman & cootie stark - prison blues
RELEASE: 10 days out: blues from the backroads
kenny wayne shepherd & henry townsend - tears come rollin' down
RELEASE: 10 days out: blues from the backroads
dope lemon - uptown folks
RELEASE: honeybones