Thursday Drive

Thursdays 4PM

Presented by Mick Paddon

Mick PaddonMick  has been a presenter on Eastside Radio since the year of the Sydney Olympics, 2000.  Since then he has presented Drive on different nights of the week but he s settled into his current Thursday time slot a few years ago. He interviews people who are trying to make the world a better, fairer or more interesting place.  The main focus is on Sydney, but that usually also means thinking  and t talking about national, international or global issues.  He has interviewed writers, curators, cooks, local activists, film makers ,musicians, fund raisers, researchers.  Anyone and everyone who is trying to use their skills, knowledge  or experience to make a positive difference.

The music is jazz. Anything which feeds from the spirit of Miles mixed with the sorts of jazz and jazz related music you can hear performed live around Sydney’s clubs, bars and performance spaces.  Mick was involved in running one of Australia’s longest standing jazz promotion and performance associations for many years.  He has written many reviews and opinion pieces on jazz, most recently for Eastside and for Australiajazznet.  When he has time  he works on improving his own saxophone technique.

Away from hosting Drive, Mick has been a research consultant based at one of Sydney’s universities and has spent much of his time working on development aid projects in different parts of south east Asia.



Recent Episodes

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 22nd June, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 22nd June, 2017

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 15th June, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 15th June, 2017
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Horace Silver - Que pasa
RELEASE: Songs for my father
Tal Cohen - Great Pk
RELEASE: Gentle giants
Andy Shepherd - Undercovers
RELEASE: Rhythm method
Trichotomy - Hemmingways
RELEASE: Known Unknown
Jeremy Rose - Strange Doors
RELEASE: Within and without
Hamish Stuart - Sense of Place
RELEASE: Someone else's child
Phil Slater - The third sun
RELEASE: Strobe Coma Virgo
Freddie Hubbard - Open sesame
RELEASE: Open sesame
Tomasz Stanko New York Quratet - Assassins
RELEASE: Wistawa
mike nock quartet - shadows of forgotten love
RELEASE: in out and around

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 8th June, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 8th June, 2017
Herbie Hancock - watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Baecastuff - Ouch
RELEASE: Big Swell
Jeremy Rose - From the River to you
RELEASE: Within and Without
Tomasz Stanko - Variation 5
RELEASE: Soul of Things
Bley, Sheppard, Swallow - Vashkar
Coffin Brothers - Cutez
RELEASE: Living in Apocalyptic Times
phil slater quartet - lissom
RELEASE: the thousands
trichotomy - five
RELEASE: known unknown
jo lawry - pathaco
RELEASE: the bathtub b sides
Tal Cohen - Lo Haya pt 1
RELEASE: Gentle Giants
paul motian trio - india
RELEASE: it should've happened a long while ago
steve swallow quintet - small comfort
RELEASE: into the woodwork

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 1st June, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 1st June, 2017
Herbie Hancock - watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Hamish Stuart - Songlines
RELEASE: Someone Else's Child
Hieronymus trio - If the Sun made a choice
RELEASE: Where the Rest of the World begins
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland - Oracle
RELEASE: The Art of Conversation
Tommy Smith - Wild Cat
RELEASE: Beasts of Scotland
Adrian Cunningham - Rachel's Dance
RELEASE: Jazz Speak
20th Century Dog - Sun Rock
Greg Osby - Mob job
RELEASE: Channel Three
Phil Slater - The Well of Distant Skies
Jeremy Rose - The Long Way Home
RELEASE: Sand Lines

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 25th May, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 25th May, 2017
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland - Segment 4
RELEASE: The Art of Conversation
Jackie Orszaczky - Freedom Jazz Dance
RELEASE: Deep Down and Out
Sean Foran Trichotomy - Five
RELEASE: Known - Unknown
Sean Foran - Mish Mash
RELEASE: Frame of Refernce
Trichotomy - Junk
RELEASE: Known Unknown
20th Century Dog - Broken Time, Summer Teen
RELEASE: Mad Stream
Adrian Cunningham - Jazz Speak
RELEASE: Jazz Speak
The Vampires/Lionel Loueke - Hard Love
RELEASE: The Vampires meet Lionel Loueke
Tommy Smith - Seal
RELEASE: Beasts of Scotland
Ambre Hammond - Rain
Cassandra Wilson - Seven Steps
RELEASE: Travelling Miles