Thursday Drive

Thursdays 4PM

Presented by Mick Paddon

Mick PaddonMick  has been a presenter on Eastside Radio since the year of the Sydney Olympics, 2000.  Since then he has presented Drive on different nights of the week but he s settled into his current Thursday time slot a few years ago. He interviews people who are trying to make the world a better, fairer or more interesting place.  The main focus is on Sydney, but that usually also means thinking  and t talking about national, international or global issues.  He has interviewed writers, curators, cooks, local activists, film makers ,musicians, fund raisers, researchers.  Anyone and everyone who is trying to use their skills, knowledge  or experience to make a positive difference.

The music is jazz. Anything which feeds from the spirit of Miles mixed with the sorts of jazz and jazz related music you can hear performed live around Sydney’s clubs, bars and performance spaces.  Mick was involved in running one of Australia’s longest standing jazz promotion and performance associations for many years.  He has written many reviews and opinion pieces on jazz, most recently for Eastside and for Australiajazznet.  When he has time  he works on improving his own saxophone technique.

Away from hosting Drive, Mick has been a research consultant based at one of Sydney’s universities and has spent much of his time working on development aid projects in different parts of south east Asia.



Recent Episodes

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 12th October, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 12th October, 2017
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Angela Davis - Lady Luck
RELEASE: Lady Luck
Nadje Noordhuis & James Shipp - Mercy Dance
Ingrid & Christine Jensen - Blue Yonder
RELEASE: Infinitude
Bruno Heinen & Kristian Bonning - Postcard to B
RELEASE: Postcard to Bill Evans
Alistair Spence - Time in Space
RELEASE: Not everything but enough
Mr Ott - Dragon Majesty
RELEASE: Single shot
Barney McAll - Jendhi
RELEASE: Mooroolbark
JazzMeia Horn - A Social Call
RELEASE: A Social Call
Joe Henderson - Loose Change
RELEASE: The State of the Tenor
John Coltrane - Ole Coltrane
RELEASE: Ole Coltrane

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 5th October, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 5th October, 2017
Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
RELEASE: Headhunters
Abdullah Ibrahim - Tintinyana
RELEASE: Yaroona
Phillip Johnston - Lobster leaps in
RELEASE: Normalology
Tony Paeleman - The Train
RELEASE: Slow Motion
New Simplicity Trio - Roccardo's Room
RELEASE: Common Spaces
Bill Le Sage - Autumn in Cuba
RELEASE: The Flamingo Collection
Ronnie Ross Quartet - The Cheater
RELEASE: The Flamingo Collection
Modern Jazz Quartet - Bluesology
RELEASE: Fontessa
Barney McAll - Apple Tree
RELEASE: Mooroolbark
Fat Yahooza - Kickboxing Day
RELEASE: Fat Yahooza
Ingrid & Christine Jensen - Margreta
RELEASE: Infinitude
Bruno Heinen & Kristian Bonning - Interplay
RELEASE: Postcard to Bill Evans
John Coltrane - Ole Coltrane
RELEASE: Ole Coltrane

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 28th September, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 28th September, 2017
Tom Vincent Trio - Epistrophy
RELEASE: Night Sessions
Bob Reynolds - Late in the game
RELEASE: Hindsight
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Don't be cruel
RELEASE: Memphis...yes I'm rady
Jane Ira Bloom - One note from one bird
RELEASE: Wild Lines - Improvising Emily Dickinson
Art Farmer - Like someone in art
RELEASE: Modern Art
Microscopic Septet - Don't mind if I do
RELEASE: Been up so Long it Looks Like Down To Me
Dan Barnett - I don't worry 'bout a thing
RELEASE: Walkin' Shoes
Catholics - Yonder
Coolerators - Ghosts

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 21st September, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 21st September, 2017
Trombone Shorty - No Good Time
Rodriguez - Inner City Blues
RELEASE: Cold Fact
Benjamin Booker - Motivation
Richard Thompson - Bathsheba Smiles
RELEASE: Acoustic Classics 11
The xx - Replica
Alice Night - Don't forget That You Were Born
RELEASE: Culture How Could You?
Robert Plant & Allison Krauss - Fortune Teller
RELEASE: Raising Sand
Tamil Rogeon - De Manha
RELEASE: 24 Hours In Lapa
The Audreys - oh honey
RELEASE: Between last night and us
Paul Kelly - Rising Moon
RELEASE: Life Is Fine
Carol King - Beautiful
RELEASE: Tapestry
Holly Throsby - Being Born
RELEASE: After Time

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 14th September, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 14th September, 2017
Paul Kelly - Rock Out The Sea
RELEASE: Life Is Fine
Quantic & Nidia Gongora - Muevelo Negro
Vera Blue - Private
East Forest - Beautific
RELEASE: Love Bomb
Japanese Breakfast - Diving Woman
Benjamin Booker - Motivation
RELEASE: Witness
Roberto Fonesca - 7 Rayos
Jose Gonzalez - Stories We Build, Stories We tell
RELEASE: Vestiges
Julie Byrne - Natural Blue
RELEASE: Not Even happiness
Glen Hansard - My Little Ruin
RELEASE: Didn't He Ramble
Bashka - optimystic
RELEASE: Fihi Ma Fihi

Thursday Drive - 04:00pm - Thursday 7th September, 2017

Thursday Drive - 12:00am Thursday 7th September, 2017
Paul Motian - It Might As Well Be Spring
RELEASE: Standards plus One
James Muller +SCJO - Scratch
Al Jarreau - Your Song
RELEASE: Tenderness
Lang Lang, featuring Jeffrey Archer and Lisa Fischer - Somewhere / Dirty Boulevard
RELEASE: New York Rhapsody
Karrin Allyson - Lightning
RELEASE: footprints
Joseph Tawadros - Permission to evaporate
RELEASE: Quartet
Tom Vincent Morphic Resonance Project - I remember Carl
RELEASE: Just enough
Emma Pask - And I love her
RELEASE: Cosita Divina
Billy McCarthy - The Journey
RELEASE: Live at 107
Topology - Satisfaction
RELEASE: Tortured Remixes
Charlie Watts - You can't always get what you want
RELEASE: meets the Danish Radio Big Band
Tom Vincent Septet - Jules Thief
RELEASE: Tom Vincent Septet