The Last Waltz

Tuesdays 1:30PM

Presented by Georgia Mooney

Named after The Band’s iconic final concert documentary which featured folk/rock royalty – Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Van Morrison – The Last Waltz celebrates folk music and all that comes under it’s umbrella – alt-country, singer-songwriter, americana and more.

Georgia Mooney of All Our Exes Live in Texas, brings you stories, harmonies, old-timey classics and modern melodies from Sydney and beyond.

Sydney born and bred, Georgia Mooney has been playing music around the country and the globe for the last 8 years. Having studied jazz and found her home in the folk scene, Georgia is now one of Australia’s most acclaimed singer-songwriters. Playing solo or as one quarter of Sydney folk group All Our Exes Live in Texas, Georgia has performed or collaborated with artists such as Passenger, Matt Corby, Katie Noonan, Megan Washington, Kate Miller-Heidke, Tinpan Orange, Mama Kin, Tripod, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and The Backstreet Boys.

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Georgia Mooney - The Last Waltz

Recent Episodes

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 17th October, 2017

The Last Waltz - 12:00am Tuesday 17th October, 2017
Tom Petty - You din't know how it feels
Townes Van Zandt - None But The Rain
Andy Golledge - 1170
Nikki Lane - Highway Queen
John Lennon - Oh Yoko!
Bob Dylan - Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Justin Townes Earl - Champagne Corolla
Taj Mahal - Queen Bee
Elliott Smith - Baby Britain
Bonnie Raitt - Angel From Montgomery
Cass McCombs - Run Sister Run
JJ Cale - Ride Me High
Kevin Morby - I Have been to the mountain
Hiss Golden Messenger - Jesus Shot Me In The Head
The Jayhawks - Blue
Paul Kelly - Little Kings
David Rawlings - Money Is The Meat In The Coconut
Gram Parsons - Streets Of Baltimore
snooks eaglin - let me go home whiskey
Leroy Lee - Drawing Smoke

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 10th October, 2017

The Last Waltz - 12:00am Tuesday 10th October, 2017
01:32pm Don McGlashan - For Your Touch
RELEASE: Lucky Stars
01:36pm Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
RELEASE: Songs of Love and Hate
01:44pm Cash Savage and the Last Drinks - My Friend
RELEASE: One of Us
01:49pm Pony Face - State Trooper
RELEASE: Pony Face presents Nebraska
01:56pm The Ellis Collective - Carry
02:00pm David Bridie - Shortest Day of the Year
02:05pm Tom Waits - Who Are You
RELEASE: Bone Machine
02:12pm Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything - Gone
RELEASE: Live on "The Music Show" ABC RN
02:15pm Lucie Thorne - Everything Sings Tonight
RELEASE: Everything Sings Tonight
02:24pm Claire Anne Taylor - Elemental
RELEASE: Elemental
02:31pm Johnny Cash - In My Life
RELEASE: American IV The Man Comes Around
02:35pm Van Morrison - I'll Be Your Lover, Too
RELEASE: His Band and the Street Choir
02:39pm M Ward - Let's Dance
RELEASE: Transfiguration of Vincent
02:45pm Vera Hall - Death, Have Mercy
RELEASE: Sounds of the South
02:45pm Iron and Wine - Passing Afternoon
RELEASE: All our Endless Numbered Days
02:51pm Jefferson Airplane - Comin' Back to Me
RELEASE: Surrealistic Pillow
02:57pm Declan O'Rourke - Gold Bars in the Sun
RELEASE: Gold Bars in the Sun

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 3rd October, 2017

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 26th September, 2017

The Last Waltz - 12:00am Tuesday 26th September, 2017
12:36pm The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
RELEASE: Revolver
12:36pm The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
12:37pm TJ Eckleberg - Stars
RELEASE: Illumineon
12:37pm Heath Cullen - Bad Weather
RELEASE: There Was a Storm Coming , But I Didn't Feel Nothing
12:38pm Hawksley Workman - Rain
RELEASE: Treeful of Starling
12:38pm PJ Wolf - Morning Storm
RELEASE: Storms, Dreams and Flying Machines
12:39pm Neil Murray - Bring Thunder and Rain
RELEASE: Bring Thunder and Rain
12:39pm David Bridie - Salt (I Don't Want to Go No Further)
RELEASE: Act of Free Choice
12:40pm Kira Puru & The Bruise - The Rain
12:40pm The Bakery - Waiting for the Rain
RELEASE: The Bakery & The Beast
12:40pm Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
12:41pm King Curly - Calling For Fire
RELEASE: Calling For Fire
12:41pm Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now
12:41pm Liz Frencham - The Stronger the Tree
RELEASE: Jericho
12:42pm Dinah Washington - Blue Skies

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 19th September, 2017

The Last Waltz - 12:00am Tuesday 19th September, 2017
01:33pm Leroy Lee - Howl
RELEASE: Arcadia
01:37pm Crosby, Stills & Nash - Blackbird
01:42pm Heath Cullen - The Prettiest Horses
RELEASE: The Still and The Steep
01:45pm Tom Waits - Get Behind the Mule
RELEASE: Mule Variations
01:52pm L.J. Hill - Pretty Bird Tree
RELEASE: Namoi Mud
01:57pm linda ronstadt - Birds
02:02pm Liz Frencham (with Shannon Barnett) - Black Rover
02:04pm Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog
RELEASE: Time of No Reply
02:06pm Lisa Hannigan - Black Eyed Dog
RELEASE: The Songs of Nick Drake: Way to Blue
02:11pm Randy Newman - Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear
RELEASE: Sail Away
02:13pm Tom Lehrer - Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
02:26pm The Beatles - I Am the Walrus
RELEASE: Magical Mystery Tour
02:31pm Elvis Presley - Hound Dog
02:35pm Mic Conway & Robbie Long - My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes
RELEASE: Street of Dreams
02:40pm Luluc - Abigail and the Whale
RELEASE: Dear Hamlyn
02:44pm Joni Mitchell - Coyote
02:47pm Graveyard Train - Bit by a Dog
RELEASE: The Drink, the Devil and the Dance
02:57pm Tom Waits - Pony
RELEASE: Mule Variations

The Last Waltz - 01:30pm - Tuesday 12th September, 2017

The Last Waltz - 12:00am Tuesday 12th September, 2017
01:33pm Fionn Regan - The Cowshed
RELEASE: The End of History
01:36pm Fionn Regan - Euphoria
RELEASE: The Meetings of the Waters
01:41pm Aine Tyrrell - Don't Be Left Crying Watch Video
RELEASE: Fledgling Fall
01:46pm David Rawlings - Cumberland Gap
RELEASE: Poor David's Almanack
01:50pm Damien Dempsey - Family
RELEASE: Soulsun
01:56pm Damien Dempsey - Pretty Bird Tree (live in studio)
RELEASE: Soulsun
02:04pm Iron & Wine - On Your Wings
RELEASE: All Our Endless Numbered Days
02:08pm Iron & Wine - Claim Your Ghost
RELEASE: Beast Epic
02:12pm Fanny Lumsden - Roll On Watch Video
RELEASE: Real Class Act
02:15pm Kim Churchill - Weight_Falls
RELEASE: Weight_Falls
02:21pm Joni Mitchell - The Priest
RELEASE: Ladies of the Canyon
02:24pm Joni Mitchell - This Place
02:29pm Burrows - Stronger Man Watch Video
RELEASE: Burrows
02:36pm King Curly - Calling For Fire
RELEASE: Calling For Fire
02:39pm Paul Kelly - Foggy Highway (Live)
RELEASE: Foggy Highway
02:42pm Paul Kelly - I Smell Trouble
RELEASE: Life Is Fine
02:49pm TJ Eckleberg - Inches of Darkness
RELEASE: Superhydrated
02:53pm Declan O'Rourke - Sarah Watch Video
RELEASE: Since Kyabram
02:58pm Van Morrison - Fair Play
RELEASE: Veedon Fleece