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Paul has worked as an Audio Engineer in film, television and radio acquiring qualifications in Classical Music and Sound Engineering and a Degree in Communications along the way. He played in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, Rock and Blues bands as well as other groups as diverse as Country & Western and Funk. If it’s music he loves it all, and I love bringing it all to you on the amazing medium of radio.

George has a Masters Degree in Art History but has an equal passion for music and the immediacy of radio; music: any sort, any period, any genre, as long as its good

So whats good music?

Good music is what the person who is listening to it says it is: the musical journey is a very subjective experience, like art it evokes time place and memory like no other art form, it’s personal but equally enjoyed with your best friends; it’s universal, it is a language that is able to cross boundaries, barriers and differences and in the end unite, the perfect full circle!

full moon africa

Recent Episodes

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 15th February, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 15th February, 2017
Fatboy Slim - Brimful of Asha
RELEASE: Why we Try Harder - LABEL: wiiija
Rudimental - Healing (feat. Joseph Angel)
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Major Tom's
EDX feat. Hadley - Everything
The Presets - Fall
RELEASE: Pacifica - LABEL: Modular
Blackfish - Infinite
RELEASE: Hidden Shore - LABEL: Maxelect
De-Phazz - Cut the Jazz
RELEASE: Detunized Gravity - LABEL: Edel
Rufus - Unforgiven
RELEASE: Atlas - LABEL: Sweat it Out
George Michael - Precious Box
RELEASE: Patience - LABEL: Sony
Tosca - Annanas
RELEASE: Suzuki - LABEL: G-Stone
Hot Since 82 - Things You Do to Me
RELEASE: Little Black Book - LABEL: Juno
Satin Jackets feat Easter - Shine on You
Bebel Gilberto, Peter Kruder Remix - Tanto Tempo
RELEASE: Tanto Tempo - LABEL: ziriguiboom
Dodie (Clark) - When (Live)
RELEASE: Intertwined EP - LABEL: Dodie
Panic! at the disco - Impossible Year
RELEASE: Death of a Batchelor - LABEL: Fuelled by Ramen

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 8th February, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 8th February, 2017
Massimo Vanoni - These Are Good Times
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Atop
Chris Reece - Overflow
RELEASE: Croatia - The Opening 2009 - LABEL: Goodnight Kiss
Pascal Dubois - Beachdancer (Spheric Dream Cut)
RELEASE: The Chillhouse Fly - LABEL: Manifold
Troye Sivan - YOUTH (Gryffin Remix)
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Universal
Belloq - Bellini Groove
RELEASE: De Longpre - LABEL: Belloq
Keita Sano - Explosion
RELEASE: Explosion EP - LABEL: Mister Saturday Night
Clarian - Ankh
RELEASE: Ankh EP - LABEL: Kompakt
Lemon Jelly - The Curse of Ka'Zar
RELEASE: Lost Horizons - LABEL: XL
Visti & Meyland (Trentemoller remix) - Yes Maam (All Nite Long)
RELEASE: L'elephany - LABEL: N.E.W.S.
Deep Collective - Ear Conditioning
RELEASE: Closer-single - LABEL: Meerkat
Muddy Monk - Drift
RELEASE: Premiere Ride EP - LABEL: Guilllaume Dietrich
Madrid de Los Austrias - No a La Guerra
RELEASE: Flamenco Chillin' - LABEL: Poets Club
Clarence Carter - Snatchin it Back
RELEASE: Funky Soul & Rare Grooves - LABEL: Atlantic

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 1st February, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 1st February, 2017
Parov Stelar - Catgroove
RELEASE: Electro Swing - LABEL: Wagram
Moby (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) - Wait for Me
RELEASE: Wait for Me Remixes! - LABEL: Mute
Clelia Felix - Kep Watching the Stars
RELEASE: Lounge Classics - LABEL: Parklanerecordings
Azuni - I Feel for You
RELEASE: Terry's Cafe - LABEL: Plastic City
George Michael - Too Funky
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Columbia
Schiller feat. Kim Sanders - Dancing with Loneliness
RELEASE: Life - LABEL: Central Station
Madonna - Bedtime Story
RELEASE: Bedtime Stories - LABEL: Maverick
Dirty Vegas - Simple Things
RELEASE: Dirty Vegas - LABEL: Capitol
Panama - Always
RELEASE: Always - LABEL: Future Classic
Blackfish - Bondi Beach
RELEASE: Hidden Shore - LABEL: Maxelect
Son of Kick feat. Lady Leshurr - Hours (Marshall F remix)
RELEASE: Hour: the Remixes - LABEL: Midication
Bahia Patrol - Coocoo Samba
RELEASE: Sambassado - LABEL: Frenetic
Dinah Washington, truth & soul remix - Cry Me A River
RELEASE: Verve remix 4 - LABEL: Verve
Afterlife - Espalmador
RELEASE: The White Island - LABEL: Cafe del Mar
Nithin Sawhney - Mausam
RELEASE: Global Village - LABEL: Shock
Evanthis Reboutsika - Sirkeci - the Railway Station
RELEASE: Touch of Spice soundtrack - LABEL: Cantini
Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face
RELEASE: Rebel Yell - LABEL: Chrysallis

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 25th January, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 25th January, 2017
machinations - pressure sway
The Goods - nightlife
RELEASE: single - LABEL: persoanl best
safia - make them wheels roll
RELEASE: single - LABEL: parlophone
rob dougan - clubbed to death
RELEASE: chilled 1991-2009 - LABEL: MOS
Yothu Yindi - Treaty
RELEASE: Tribal Voice - LABEL: Liberation
plgrms - pieces
RELEASE: sinlge - LABEL: 0e0e
flight facilities - foreign language
RELEASE: sinlge - LABEL: future classic
hayden james - just a lover
RELEASE: single - LABEL: future classic
kalya scintilla, buddha bass - cosmic
RELEASE: just tbuddha basshe thing - LABEL: soul food muisc
kylie minogue - cant get you out of my head
RELEASE: fever - LABEL: parlaphone
mobin master - show me love
RELEASE: get lucky - LABEL: central station
paul mac - just the thing
RELEASE: just the thing - LABEL: eleven
savage garden - i want you
RELEASE: savage garden - LABEL: columbia
empire of the sun - way to go
RELEASE: two vines - LABEL: sleepy jackson
sticky fingers - if you go
RELEASE: land of pleasure - LABEL: sure shaker
the temper trap - thick as thieves
RELEASE: single - LABEL: liberation
the occupants - hindsight
RELEASE: hindsight - LABEL: indie
skyhooks - living in the 70's
RELEASE: living in the 70's - LABEL: mushroom

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 18th January, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 18th January, 2017
Alex Madden, Dread Zone - Bakala (Almighty Eye mix)
RELEASE: Going Global - LABEL: Barclay
Sunset Boulevard - Think Of Me
RELEASE: The Most Beautiful Girl - LABEL: Klik Records
Wham - Everything She Wants
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Epic
Bloomfield - Since Eternity
RELEASE: Club Noir - LABEL: Black Flame
Cut Groove - Yedeka
RELEASE: Fashion & Fashinating - LABEL: Deep Phonic
Trentomoller - Always Something Better
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Phonic
Nickodemus (sabo & zeb remix) - Con Chill
RELEASE: global warmbeats - LABEL: Irma
Clelia Felix - Peaceful Life
RELEASE: Latin Classic Bar Grooves - LABEL: Du Mode
De-Phazz - Between 2 Thieves
RELEASE: Detunized Gravity - LABEL: Edel
Omar Sosa - Iyawo
Pet shop boys - West End Girls
RELEASE: Discography - LABEL: Bocat
Roysopp - Epple
RELEASE: Melody AM - LABEL: Astralwerks
Slowdive - Star Roving
RELEASE: Star Roving- single - LABEL: Dead Oceans
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
RELEASE: Stripped - LABEL: Jive