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Paul has worked as an Audio Engineer in film, television and radio acquiring qualifications in Classical Music and Sound Engineering and a Degree in Communications along the way. He played in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, Rock and Blues bands as well as other groups as diverse as Country & Western and Funk. If it’s music he loves it all, and I love bringing it all to you on the amazing medium of radio.

George has a Masters Degree in Art History but has an equal passion for music and the immediacy of radio; music: any sort, any period, any genre, as long as its good

So whats good music?

Good music is what the person who is listening to it says it is: the musical journey is a very subjective experience, like art it evokes time place and memory like no other art form, it’s personal but equally enjoyed with your best friends; it’s universal, it is a language that is able to cross boundaries, barriers and differences and in the end unite, the perfect full circle!

full moon africa

Recent Episodes

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 18th October, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 18th October, 2017
Pet Shop Boys - DJ Culture
RELEASE: Discography - LABEL: Parlophone
Kah Lo - fasta
RELEASE: Fasta - single - LABEL: Riton Time
Guy J, John Digweed & Nick Muir - Heaven Scent
RELEASE: Versus - LABEL: Bedrock
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland - When love takes over
RELEASE: One mor love (deluxe version) - LABEL: Parlophone
The XX - On Hold Jamie xx Remix
RELEASE: I see You - LABEL: Young Turks
Tourist - Run
The Occupants - Hindsight (radio Edit)
RELEASE: Hindsight - LABEL: Indie
Trentemoller - Always something better
RELEASE: The Last resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Lemon Jelly - The Curse of Ka'Zar
RELEASE: Lost Horizons - LABEL: XL Recordings
Thrupence - Conversations (ft. Edward Vanzet)
RELEASE: Ideas of Aesthetics - LABEL: Future Classic
Seductive Souls - Love theme
RELEASE: The Early Years - LABEL: Lounge
Poolside - Do you Believe
RELEASE: EP - LABEL: Future Classic
George Maple - Hero
RELEASE: Lover - LABEL: George Maple
Troye Sivan - Youth (Griffin Remix) feaT. Gryffin
RELEASE: Blue Neighbourhood - LABEL: EMI

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 11th October, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 11th October, 2017
Empire of the Sun - we are the people
RELEASE: Walking on a Dream - LABEL: Capitol
Visti & Meyland - Yes Maam (all night long) Trentemoller Remix
RELEASE: L'elephant - Ibiza 2009 House - LABEL: N.E.W.S.
Moby - Wait for me (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)
RELEASE: Wait for me. Remixes! - LABEL: Mute Records
Keita Sano - Explosion
RELEASE: Explosion - EP - LABEL: Mister Saturday Night
The Horrors - Machine
Calvin Harris f.HAIM - Pray to God
RELEASE: Motion - LABEL: fly eye
Deep Collective - Ear Conditioning
RELEASE: Closer - single - LABEL: Meerkat
Chris Reece - Overflow
RELEASE: Croatia - The opening 2009 - LABEL: Goodnight Kiss
Anderson Paak f.schoolboy Q - Am I wrong
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Hellfyre Club
FC Kahuna - Hayling
RELEASE: Laidback - LABEL: Europa
Blank & Jones - Lonliness
RELEASE: Relax 2003-13 - LABEL: Gang go Music
Phantogram - Fall in Love
RELEASE: Voices - LABEL: Republic
Belloq - Bellini Groove
RELEASE: De Longpre - single - LABEL: Belloq
Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
RELEASE: Taking up your precious time - LABEL: Pretty Lights

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 4th October, 2017
dubspeeka - bully
RELEASE: dubspeeka - LABEL: soundcloud
George Maple - hero
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Utopian Ideas
The Horrors - Machine
Pascal Dubois - Beachdancer (Spheric Dream Cut)
RELEASE: The Chillhouse Fly - LABEL: Manifold
Goloka - Thinking About You
RELEASE: Afterglow - LABEL: I Label
ATB & Armin van Buuren - Vice Versa
RELEASE: All the Best - LABEL: Kontor
Trentemoller - Always Something Better
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Trentemoller - Take me into Your Skin
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Trentemoller - Always Something Better
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Nick Warren - No scratch No snitch
RELEASE: DJ set at LaMania Club Roma - LABEL:
Francois K Vocal, Benty - Swollen
RELEASE: Chill out Sessions - LABEL: MOS
Thievery Corporation - Revolution Solution feat. Perry Ferell
RELEASE: The Cosmic Game - LABEL: ESL
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert)
RELEASE: The Heist - LABEL: Macklemore

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 27th September, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 27th September, 2017
Anna Lunoe - Bass Drum Dealer
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Nest HQ
Kamaninda (comp. Desert Dwellers) - Shaman's Tunnel
RELEASE: The Clear Path - LABEL: Iboga
Darkside - The Only Shrine I've Seen
RELEASE: Psychic - LABEL: Other People
CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Cola
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Defected
Freedom Sattelite - Trash
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Vienna Scientists
Kraked Unit - Chinese Puzzle
RELEASE: Casse Tete Chinois - LABEL: Ce qui me meut
Blood Orange - Best to You
RELEASE: Freetown Sound - LABEL: Domino
The Goods - Strong Man (feat. Lo Five)
RELEASE: The Goods - LABEL: Personal Best
Tubeway Army & Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?
RELEASE: Replicas - LABEL: Beggars Banquet
Trentemoller - Where Shadows Fall
RELEASE: Fixxion - LABEL: In My Room
Dhafer Youssef - Delightfully Odd
RELEASE: Diwan of Beauty & Odd - LABEL: Sony
Easter Wood Bunch - Sun Diver
RELEASE: Brazilerotic - LABEL: One Night
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Triste
RELEASE: Hearbeat - LABEL: Virgin
Seductive Souls - Neo's Theme
RELEASE: Spirit - LABEL: Lounge
Schiller f. Kim Sanders - Let me Love You
RELEASE: Sensucht - LABEL: Island

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 20th September, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 20th September, 2017
The Horrors - Machine
Sundial Aeon - Stuck on You
RELEASE: Mimesis - LABEL: Flow Records
Ive Mendes - Natural High
RELEASE: Ive Mendes - LABEL: Mr Bongo
Tame Impala - The Moment
RELEASE: Currrents - LABEL: Modular
Shpongle (Ott remix) - Around the World in a Tea Daze
RELEASE: Remixed - LABEL: Twisted
Mai Lan - Technique
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Godmode
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
RELEASE: Since I Left You - LABEL: Modular
Barry White - Can't Get Enough of Your Love
RELEASE: Can't Get Enough - LABEL: 20th Century
Omar Sosa - Nuevo Manto
Fatboy Slim - The Weekend Starts Here
RELEASE: Better Living Through Chemistry - LABEL: Astralwerks
Gregory Fleckner (Plaid remix) - Juicy Jazz Girls
RELEASE: Parts in the Post - LABEL: Peacefrog
Richard Dorfmeister remix - Sofa Rockers
RELEASE: Sofa Surfers - LABEL: G-Stone
The Sabres of Paradise (Beatless remix) - Smokebelch II
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Warp
Ronny Jordan, Roy Ayres - Mystic Voyage
RELEASE: A Brighter Day - LABEL: Blue Note
Blue Six, th'attaboy vox - Music And Wine
RELEASE: Beautiful Tomorrow - LABEL: Astral Works
Bagatelle - Fatmazeou (feat. Guem)
RELEASE: single - LABEL: lable

Moonstruck - 09:30pm - Wednesday 13th September, 2017

Moonstruck - 12:00am Wednesday 13th September, 2017
Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner
RELEASE: Tales of the Inexpressible - LABEL: Twisted
Luis Junior - Luminis
RELEASE: Neibum - LABEL: Abysoma
Trentemoller - Evil Dub
RELEASE: The Last Resort - LABEL: Poker Flat
Dollkraut - Precious Fool
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Doppelschall
Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
RELEASE: Becoming X - LABEL: Clean Up
St Germain - Sure Thing
RELEASE: Tourist - LABEL: Primary Society
Stephane Malca, Carl Waadelan - Jonon (2001 mix)
RELEASE: Arabesque Zoudge - LABEL: React
Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Red Skies
RELEASE: Arabesque Zoudge - LABEL: React
Desert Dwellers - The Great Mystery
RELEASE: The Great Mystery - LABEL: Desert Trax
Sundial Aeon - Aerospace Labyrinth
RELEASE: Hypnosis - LABEL: Impact Studio
Tycho - Adrift
RELEASE: Dive - LABEL: Ghostly International
Patti Page - Old Cape Cod
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Mercury
Koulla Kakoulli, Greenwood - Timbal
RELEASE: Global Sweatbox - LABEL: Warner