Merchants of Sound

Saturdays 6.30PM

Slick sounds with an anything attitude with hosts Phat Kat and Bully Dux.

Immerse yourself into a deep platter of global roots, dusty rarities and classic treats… spanning the world for dirty blues, psych rock, afro/latino originals and everything that’s inspired by them.

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Bully Dux n Phat Kat

Phat Kat has been presenting on Eastside Radio since October 2009. Sharing ancient ideologies and ethos with her fellow merchants, her collection includes blues, old school rock’n’roll, freakbeat, world and soul/funk. She is an avid supporter of community radio with subscriber status held at fellow stations 2SER, FBi and marketing/sponsorship is her specialty at Eastside. Using the senses and her guiding muses, she keenly twirls her way through flamenco dance, Italian language and Greek cuisine.

Bully Dux  is a local deejay. He welcomes playing random weddings, Bar Mitzfahs, Sunday breakfast slots at the local cafe and sweaty warehouses parties. He cringes at corporate gigs but plays them anyway. Being dearly attached to his 2 wheelers, Bully Dux is keen to pull out his traveling paintbrushes and paint more colour on empty objects. He’s hosted and played on 2SER – Mophonics show and random blues and roots slot on Bondi FM.

HERE is a link to their blog: a collection of quotes, videos, artwork and audio files that inspire them … Merchants of Sound @ tumblr


Recent Episodes

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 16th September, 2017

Merchants of Sound - 12:00am Saturday 16th September, 2017
Bobby Womack - Across 110th St
RELEASE: Jackie Brown: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture
Maurice Moore - Everything That Shines Ain't Gold - Floating Points Edit
Frank Zappa - I'm the slime
RELEASE: ZAPPAtite - Frank Zappa's Tastiest Tracks
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - In The Basement , Part One
Little Denise - Check Me Out
RELEASE: Funk Fever Vol.2: The Best of Funk, Soul and Tropical Rare Groove
Rita Lee - De Pes No Chiao
RELEASE: Artas Do Poto Tem Uma Ciade
Yussef Kamaal - Lowrider
RELEASE: Black Focus
Quarter Street - La Quarter Llego
RELEASE: Quarter Street
Madlib - Belly Full
RELEASE: Bad Neighbour Instrumentals
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Black Nylon
RELEASE: Year of The Funky
Dj Jazzy Jeff feat Masego & Rhymfest - 2 Step
Renee Geyer - Be There In The Morning
RELEASE: Moving Along
Rufus Thomas - 6-3-8 (That's The Number To Play)
RELEASE: The Complete Stax / Vlt Soul Singles (Vol.3 1972-1975)
Tony Allen - Cool Cats
RELEASE: The Source
Dent May feat. Frankie Cosmos - Across The Multiverse
RELEASE: Across The Multiverse
Esther Williams - Make It With You
RELEASE: Inside of Me
Talking Heads - Artists Only
RELEASE: More Songs About Buildings and Food
Bonobo - Samurai
RELEASE: Bambro Koyo Ganda
Giant Panda - With It
RELEASE: Fly School Reunion
All Good Funk Alliance - Major C
RELEASE: Social Comment
Flow Dynamics - Live In The Mix
RELEASE: Flow Dynamics
Shaolin Temple Defenders - Super Nacho Funk
RELEASE: From The Inside
Grace Barbe - Tony Allen Remix - Afro-Sega
RELEASE: Afro- Sega - Tony Allen Remix
Diplomats of Solid SOund - If You're Wrong (I Don't want to eb right) feat The Diplomettes
RELEASE: Funk Fever Vol.2
Bei Bei, Shawn Lee - Year Of The Funky
RELEASE: Year Of The Funky

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 9th September, 2017

Merchants of Sound - 12:00am Saturday 9th September, 2017
Ronald Snijders, ft Bassekou Kouyate, Ngoni ba - Mali Funk
RELEASE: The Nelson & Djosa Sessions - LABEL: V2 Records Benelux 2016
Lee "scratch" perry - Yakety Yak
RELEASE: Trojan Upsetter Box Set - LABEL: Trojan / Sanctuary Records 2002
MSAFIRI ZAWOSE - Nzara Urungul
RELEASE: Uhamiaji - LABEL: Soundway
Roy Panton & YVONNE HARRISON - Beware Rudie
RELEASE: With Friends - LABEL: Liquidator
RELEASE: Uhamiaji - LABEL: Soundway Sept 2017
O'Flynn - Tru Dancing
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Ninja Tunes (July 2017)
O'Flynn - Eleven- edit
RELEASE: Single - LABEL: Ninja Tunes
Toli & The Femm Nameless - See Line
RELEASE: 7" - LABEL: Kooyman
Sarah Webster Fabio - Sweet Songs
RELEASE: Soul of a Nation - LABEL: Soul Jazz
Toli & The Femm Nameless - Talk Da Shit
RELEASE: 7" - LABEL: Kooyman 2016
Princess Nokia - Kitana
The Do Yo Thangs - Those Days
RELEASE: EP - LABEL: Hope Street Recordings
Jordan Rakei - Nerve
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Ninja Tunes
GhostPoet - Immigrant Boogie
RELEASE: Dark Days & Canapés - LABEL: Play It Again Sam
Astaria - Jamasa Roro
Carol Channing - Housework
RELEASE: free to be you and me (marlo thomas and friends) - LABEL: 1972
Mandingo Gringo Society - Sounds from the Ghetto
RELEASE: Soul of a Nation - LABEL: Soul Jazz

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 2nd September, 2017

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 26th August, 2017

Merchants of Sound - 12:00am Saturday 26th August, 2017
Sound Dimension - Rockfort Rock
RELEASE: Jamaica Explosion Vol 1
Pat Rhoden - Living for the City
RELEASE: 7" - LABEL: Attack (1974)
The Booma Rockers - Booma Woman
RELEASE: single - LABEL: Soundway Records
Chuck Willis - What' cha gonna do when your baby leaves you
RELEASE: The King of the Stroll - LABEL: Atlantic
Chuck Story - My Story
RELEASE: Blues Ballads
The Flamingoes - If I could love you
RELEASE: The Flamingoes
Caterina Valente - Tipitipitipso
RELEASE: The Best German Singers
Minority Band - Tasty Tune
Alphamama - Stranger in Asia
Russian Red - I Want to Break Free
RELEASE: Karaoke - LABEL: independent self released (2017)
Ladi6 - Beffy
RELEASE: 7” - LABEL: Wonderful Noise (Mar 2017)
Nancy Holloway - Hurt so Bad
RELEASE: Hello Dolly - LABEL: Concert Hall
Nancy Holloway - Tu n'es pas venu
RELEASE: In Paris - LABEL: London International
Malvina Reynolds - Money Blues
RELEASE: Another County Heard From - LABEL: (1960)
Arleta - Batida de Coco
RELEASE: Τσάι Γιασεμιού - LABEL: CBS (1985)
Arleta - I Serenata
RELEASE: Περίπου - LABEL: Lyra
Arleta - Mia Fora Thymame
RELEASE: Arleta - LABEL: Lyra (1966)
Babs Gonzales - Pay Dem Blues
CAN - Mary Mary so Contrary

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 19th August, 2017

Merchants of Sound - 12:00am Saturday 19th August, 2017
The Stepkids - Legends Remixed
RELEASE: Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton - LABEL: Stones Throw Records
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Feeling Good
RELEASE: Pushin On - LABEL: Tru Thoughts
Max Roach - All Africa
RELEASE: We Insist! - LABEL: Candid Records (1960)
The Fabulous Three - No Names Bar
RELEASE: The Best of - LABEL: Truth & Soul (2014 reissue)
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Manjalapi
RELEASE: Rise & Shine - LABEL: Cumbancha (2010)
The Chief - Where's the Beef
RELEASE: SalSoul Singles - LABEL: Sal Soul Records (1984)
Juldeh Camara & Justin Adams - Subuhanalaii
RELEASE: Folk Against Facism - LABEL: Folk Against Facism (2010)
Diana King ft. Gunyan - Yu Dun Kno
RELEASE: AGirlNameKing - LABEL: Columbia (2011)
Mary Roos - Blauer Montag
RELEASE: The In-Kraut Vl 2 - LABEL: Marina Records
Wanda Jackson - Fujiyamamama
RELEASE: The Ultimate Collection
Pastor T.L Bennett & THE YOUTH FOR CHRIST CHOIR - Ever Since
RELEASE: Like A Ship.. (without a Sail) - LABEL: Light In The Attic
Adam & the Ants - Prince Charming
RELEASE: Prince Charming - LABEL: CBS (1981)
Grace Jones - Pull Up to my Bumper
RELEASE: Island Life - LABEL: Island
The Divinyls - Pleasure & Pain
RELEASE: What a Life - LABEL: Chrysalis
Meshell Ndegeocello - Who is He
Les tres Femmes - Listen to You Mama
RELEASE: 7" - LABEL: 1967

Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 12th August, 2017