Merchants of Sound

Saturdays 6.30PM

Slick sounds with an anything attitude with hosts Phat Kat and Bully Dux.

Immerse yourself into a deep platter of global roots, dusty rarities and classic treats… spanning the world for dirty blues, psych rock, afro/latino originals and everything that’s inspired by them.

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Bully Dux n Phat Kat

Phat Kat has been presenting on Eastside Radio since October 2009. Sharing ancient ideologies and ethos with her fellow merchants, her collection includes blues, old school rock’n’roll, freakbeat, world and soul/funk. She is an avid supporter of community radio with subscriber status held at fellow stations 2SER, FBi and marketing/sponsorship is her specialty at Eastside. Using the senses and her guiding muses, she keenly twirls her way through flamenco dance, Italian language and Greek cuisine.

Bully Dux  is a local deejay. He welcomes playing random weddings, Bar Mitzfahs, Sunday breakfast slots at the local cafe and sweaty warehouses parties. He cringes at corporate gigs but plays them anyway. Being dearly attached to his 2 wheelers, Bully Dux is keen to pull out his traveling paintbrushes and paint more colour on empty objects. He’s hosted and played on 2SER – Mophonics show and random blues and roots slot on Bondi FM.

HERE is a link to their blog: a collection of quotes, videos, artwork and audio files that inspire them … Merchants of Sound @ tumblr


Recent Episodes

Play Merchants of Sound - 06:30pm - Saturday 23rd July, 2016

Merchants of Sound - 12:00am Saturday 23rd July, 2016
Tom Ze - O Pao Nosso De Cada Mes
RELEASE: The Hips of Tradition
Daniele Baldelli - Suruas
RELEASE: Volcanic Extravaganza - LABEL: The Vinyl Factory
Nativosoul - Ayahuasca fix
RELEASE: Pachamama Culturama
Nativosoul - No Mo
RELEASE: Pachamama Culturama
husnu Ozkartai Orkestrasi - Su Derenin Sulari
RELEASE: Psych Funk 101 - LABEL: World Psychedelic Classic
Karim Shukry - Take Me back to Cairo
RELEASE: 45 single
Tony Allen - Hustler
Young Tiger - I was there (at the coronation)
RELEASE: London is the Place for Me - LABEL: Honest Jons Records
The Shadows - See you in my Drums (drum solo by Tony Meehan)
RELEASE: The Shadows (1961)
Betty Davis - Politician Man
RELEASE: The Columbia Years 1968-69 - LABEL: Light in the Attic
Crispy & Co - AIE (A Mwana)
Gitte Haenning - Unterwasser Cha Cha
RELEASE: Gitte Haenning Singt
Los Yorks - Sussie Q
RELEASE: El Viaje 1966-1974 - LABEL: Munster Records
The Tempos - Save Me
Betty Davis - Hangin Out
RELEASE: The Columbia Years 1968-69 - LABEL: Light in the Attic
Hazy Osterwald Jet Set - Swinging London
RELEASE: The In-Kraut Vol 2 - LABEL: Marina Records
Congo Tardis #1 (ft Marawa the Amazing) - Sweet Lime
RELEASE: 45 single
The Coasters - Down in Mexico
RELEASE: 45 single