Mixed Marriage

Tuesdays Noon – 2pm

Presented by Lloyd Swanton

A perennial favourite with Eastside listeners since its inception in 1998, Mixed Marriage revels in the fruitful results occurring when jazz blends with something else. Presenter Lloyd Swanton says “jazz has been a hybrid music since its very beginnings, and to my ears the most interesting things happening these days are when it is again being reinvigorated by fresh blood from outside.” He should know what he’s talking about, as outside his spot on Eastside, Lloyd is one of Australia’s most experienced musicians; bassist with the legendary Necks and leader of renowned jazz/world ensemble The catholics.

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Recent Episodes

Play Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 26th July, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 26th July, 2016
mavis staples - take us back + love and trust
RELEASE: living on a high note
jim capilongo - monkey in a movie + blues for roy
RELEASE: live at Rockwood hall NYC
Betty Davis - they say I'm different
RELEASE: best of
paolo angeli - stellar
RELEASE: sardinian liturgy
chaika - kat kat hop
RELEASE: i monti
Paolo Angeli - mi e la
lakou mizik - zoa pile te
RELEASE: wa di yo
robert glasper - I'm leaving you
RELEASE: everything beautiful
tim buckley - sweet surrender
RELEASE: greetings from LA
chris abrahams - rust and comet + as tranquil as an apple
RELEASE: fluid to the influence