Mixed Marriage

Tuesdays Noon – 2pm

Presented by Lloyd Swanton

A perennial favourite with Eastside listeners since its inception in 1998, Mixed Marriage revels in the fruitful results occurring when jazz blends with something else. Presenter Lloyd Swanton says “jazz has been a hybrid music since its very beginnings, and to my ears the most interesting things happening these days are when it is again being reinvigorated by fresh blood from outside.” He should know what he’s talking about, as outside his spot on Eastside, Lloyd is one of Australia’s most experienced musicians; bassist with the legendary Necks and leader of renowned jazz/world ensemble The catholics.

Mixed Marriage Blog – with recent playlists

Recent Episodes

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 25th October, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 25th October, 2016
john lurie - small car
RELEASE: marvin pontiac
sebastian gramss - the woods
RELEASE: slowfox
sebastian gramss - are lovely
RELEASE: slowfox
jooklo duo - i
RELEASE: freeserpants
haiti colibri - gerda
RELEASE: ti-wangahaiticolibri
Gratkowski, Lapin, Gramss, Bledsoe - - in harmony
RELEASE: Unplugged Mind
Gratkowski, Lapin, Gramss, Bledsoe - - turn to
RELEASE: Unplugged Mind
Nils Wogram Root 70 - - Once Upon a Summertime
RELEASE: Wise Men Can Be Wrong

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 18th October, 2016
miriam lieberman - do you hear me
RELEASE: full circle
arabesk - ballondean
RELEASE: hi fi
Jaaleekaay - Laamaa Daliyeh
RELEASE: Jaaleekaay
moussa diakite - miniamba
RELEASE: doncomodja
lior elena kats chernin - a piece of quiet
RELEASE: a piece of quiet
miriam Lieberman - waiting for you + I Awake
RELEASE: full circle
dee farrow - lost at sea + i see memory
RELEASE: low tidings
datson & hughes - thief of the sky
RELEASE: thief of the sky
close to forever - down by the water
RELEASE: close to forever
moussa diakite - atoh
RELEASE: doncommodja

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 11th October, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 11th October, 2016
buckwheat zydeco - skip to my blues
RELEASE: new orleans playground
charlie hunter - who put you behind the wheel
RELEASE: every body has a plan.....
horns of leroy - felotone
RELEASE: horns of leroy
charlie byrd and laurindo almeida - for jeff
RELEASE: brazillian soul
bad plus - The Rite of Spring, Pt. 1 "Adoration of the Earth": The Augurs of Spring
RELEASE: the rite of spring
ian date - you don't know what love it
RELEASE: youtube
tangents - jindabyne
RELEASE: stateless
old man river - you're on my mind
RELEASE: you're on my mind ep
avishai cohen - old soul
RELEASE: dark nights
blue man group - vortex
RELEASE: npr live
horns of leroy - no worries
RELEASE: horns of leroy
Zach Danziger: - Drumming the future: PRG (Mister Barrington)
RELEASE: live youtube
daniel lanois and rocco delucca - low sudden + time on
RELEASE: goodbye to language
tangents - along the forest floor
RELEASE: stateless

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 4th October, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 4th October, 2016
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra - In a sentimental Mood
RELEASE: The Birth of Swing
Chet Baker - There will never be another you
RELEASE: Chet Baker Sings
Empirical - Blessings
RELEASE: Empirical
Le Trio Joubran - Roubbama
Pierre Akendengue & Hugues de Courson - Bombe
RELEASE: Lambarena - Bach to Africa
Sun Ra - The Night of the Purple Moon
RELEASE: The Night of the Purple Moon
Dub Nomads - Kurai Dub
RELEASE: Brooklyn Sessions
Cymande - Dove
RELEASE: The Message
Ali Farka Toure - Erdi
Deadbeat - Port Au Prince
RELEASE: New World Observer
Howlin Wold - Evil (Is going on)
RELEASE: Howlin Wolf The Millennium Collection

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 20th September, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 20th September, 2016
jimi tenor - sugar daddy
RELEASE: intervision
majid bekkas - Choroq Featuring Khalid Kouhen, Manuel Hermia
RELEASE: al qantara
jacob collier - saviour
RELEASE: in my room
joseph tawadros - checkpoint + capoeira by the nile
RELEASE: world music
jeff buckley - calling you
RELEASE: you and I