Mixed Marriage

Tuesdays Noon – 2pm

Presented by Lloyd Swanton

A perennial favourite with Eastside listeners since its inception in 1998, Mixed Marriage revels in the fruitful results occurring when jazz blends with something else. Presenter Lloyd Swanton says “jazz has been a hybrid music since its very beginnings, and to my ears the most interesting things happening these days are when it is again being reinvigorated by fresh blood from outside.” He should know what he’s talking about, as outside his spot on Eastside, Lloyd is one of Australia’s most experienced musicians; bassist with the legendary Necks and leader of renowned jazz/world ensemble The catholics.

Mixed Marriage Blog – with recent playlists

Recent Episodes

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 20th September, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 20th September, 2016
jimi tenor - sugar daddy
RELEASE: intervision
majid bekkas - Choroq Featuring Khalid Kouhen, Manuel Hermia
RELEASE: al qantara
jacob collier - saviour
RELEASE: in my room
joseph tawadros - checkpoint + capoeira by the nile
RELEASE: world music
jeff buckley - calling you
RELEASE: you and I

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 13th September, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 13th September, 2016
chris abrahams - the sleeping and the drifts
RELEASE: climb
paco pena - receurdo al maestro
RELEASE: the art of flamenco
stephen magnusson and jack beeche - love theme from a zombie film
RELEASE: beeche/magnusson
the umbrellas - otto e mezzo
RELEASE: bravo nino rota
umbrellas - le Manne di primavera
RELEASE: bravo nino rota
paco pena - flamencura
fanfare ciocarlia - Doina pentru un frant inima
RELEASE: onwards to mars!
majid bekkas - Bouregreg Featuring Khalid Kouhen, Manuel Hermia [Radio Edit]
RELEASE: al qantara
mavis staples - mlk song
RELEASE: living on a high note

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 6th September, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 6th September, 2016
louis armstrong - aint misbehavin'
RELEASE: satch plays fats
charlie hunter - someone got ahead of schedule on their medication
RELEASE: everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth
laurindo almeida charlie byrd - for jeff
RELEASE: brazilian soul
charlie hunter - latin for travellers
RELEASE: everybody has a plan.......
paco pena - farrucca
RELEASE: live in studio Q
majid bekkas - bania
RELEASE: al qantara
charlie hunter - wish i was paid and on my way home
RELEASE: everybody has a plan.....
Gillian Welch - satellite
majid bekkas - sidi ali ben hamdouch + Bouregreg
RELEASE: al quantara
the umbrellas - travelling theme
RELEASE: bravo nino rota
liz martin - won't be long
ketil bjornstad - he struggled to the surface
RELEASE: seafarers song

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 30th August, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 30th August, 2016
the nels cline singers - hairy mother
RELEASE: macroscopic
bobby byrd - i know you got soul
RELEASE: funked up
allan browne quintet - calypso
RELEASE: ithaca bound
lonnie smith (rudy van gelder 24 bit remaster) - people sure act funny
RELEASE: blue note trip 9
linsey pollock + the unusual suspects - Sandansko Horo
sandy evans trio - like wine + come on mama
RELEASE: live at bondi beach
leonard bernstein - the unanswered question
RELEASE: live talk
Apu Postmodern Art Ensemble - live composition
RELEASE: live in croatia
mel brooks - springtime for hitler
RELEASE: the producers
pigmeat markham - here comes the judge
RELEASE: 45 single
jon balke - tuchia
RELEASE: siwan

Mixed Marriage - 12:00pm - Tuesday 23rd August, 2016

Mixed Marriage - 12:00am Tuesday 23rd August, 2016
debashish battacharya - a mystical morning
RELEASE: beyond the ragasphere
chris abrahams - shoreline
RELEASE: climb
jacob collier - don't you know
RELEASE: in my room
djivan gaspayran and michael brook - tog ether forever
RELEASE: black rock
toots thielman and joe pass and oscar peterson - autumn leaves
RELEASE: live in the netherlands
mike del ferro - recondita armonia
RELEASE: new belcanto