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I have been involved in music for over 50 years. Musician, retailer, wholesaler, A&R, audio engineer, recording producer, critic, band manager as well as currently being an audio electronics and computer nerd. I have travelled the world in these capacities and have a wealth of memoirs. I have a substantial music collection and enjoy sharing it with ESR listeners.

As a special service to ESR members, if you want more info on a track email me and I will send you the album’s artwork. Please include your name and membership number.


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Recent Episodes

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 25th March, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 25th March, 2017
02:00pm . - God is trying o tell you something
RELEASE: Colour Purple - LABEL: .
02:07pm Gregory Porter - Free
RELEASE: Live in Berlin - LABEL: Eagle
02:20pm Shirley Horn - Hi fly
RELEASE: Live at 4 Queens - LABEL: 2HD
02:28pm Joe Williams - Ain't misbehavin
RELEASE: Havin' a good time - LABEL: Hyena
02:37pm The Syndicate - Between the thighs
RELEASE: File under Zawinul - LABEL: Hunnia
02:42pm Sonny Fortune - On 2nd & 5th
RELEASE: From now on - LABEL: Blue Note
02:48pm Clifford Adams - Darshan's love
RELEASE: The master power - LABEL: Naxos
02:51pm Judith Berkson - Ahavas oylam
02:54pm Ahmed Abdullah - Happiness is forever
RELEASE: Live at Ali's Alley - LABEL: Coda
02:54pm Bruce Williams - Mata Leon
RELEASE: Private thoughts - LABEL: Passin' Thru
03:01pm Accra Trane Station - All aboard
RELEASE: Another blue trane - LABEL: Norty
03:07pm Duane Eubanks - Slew footed
RELEASE: Things of that particular nature - LABEL: Sunnyside
03:16pm Thad Jones Mel Lewis Orchestra - Backbone
RELEASE: All my yesterdays - LABEL: Pure Emotion
03:31pm Akua Dixon - If my heart could speak
RELEASE: Akua's Dance - LABEL: self
03:38pm Sonny Sharrock - Upper Egypt
RELEASE: Highlife - LABEL: Enemy

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 18th March, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 18th March, 2017
Joel Harrison - Straight No Chaser
RELEASE: Music Of The Sphere - LABEL: High Note
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Freedom Jazz Dance
RELEASE: Freedom jazz dance - LABEL: Delmark
Archie Shepp - Angel Eyes
RELEASE: Black Ballads - LABEL: Timeless
Max Roach - The Dream - It's Time
RELEASE: Apollo Concert '54 - LABEL: Chattahoochee Red
Billy Higgins - Hot House
RELEASE: Billy Higgins Quintet - LABEL: Evidence
Boogaloo Joe Jones - Right On
RELEASE: Right On Brother - LABEL: Prestige
Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison Sextet - Oriental Flower
RELEASE: Illumination! - LABEL: Impulse!
Shirley Caesar - This Joy
RELEASE: Higher Ground
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Mama's House
RELEASE: Freedom Jazz dance - LABEL: Delmark
Clifford Jordan - It's Time
RELEASE: Highest Mountain - LABEL: BMG
Mingus Dynasty - Bad Cops
RELEASE: The Next Generation - LABEL: Columbia
79rs Gang - Indian Red
RELEASE: Fiyo On The Bayou - LABEL: self
Jason Marsalis - Theadore Shouts
RELEASE: Heirs Of The Crescent City - LABEL: ELM
George Adams, Don Pullen Quartet - Magnetic Love Field
RELEASE: Earth Beams - LABEL: Timeless
Dewey Redman Quartet - Turn Over Baby
RELEASE: The Struggle Continues - LABEL: Black Saint
Arnett Cobb - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
RELEASE: Live in Gronigen - LABEL: Timeless
Aubrey Ghent & Friends - Walk With Me
RELEASE: Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus - LABEL: Arhoolie

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 11th March, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 11th March, 2017
WINANS Cece - He's Never Failed Me Yet
RELEASE: Let Them Fall in Love - LABEL: Pure Springs Gospel
BARRON Kenny - Slow Grind
RELEASE: Flight Path - LABEL: Candid
ANDREWS Glen David w Ivan Neville - Bad By Myself
RELEASE: Redemption - LABEL: Louisiana Red Hot
AKIYOSHI Toshiko - Springtime For Hitler
RELEASE: Four Seasons - LABEL: Ninety One
SULLIVAN Ira - Everything Happens To Me
RELEASE: Horizons - LABEL: Atlantic
HARRIS Beaver - Sahara
RELEASE: In-Sanity - LABEL: Black Saint
AGATHE - Droppin' Things
RELEASE: Feeling Alive - LABEL: Neu Klang
ALLISON Mose - Don't Forget To Smile
RELEASE: The Word From Mose Allison - LABEL: Atlantic
KITT Eartha - Something may go wrong
RELEASE: Thinking Jazz - LABEL: ITM
SHAW Woody - Night in Tunisia
RELEASE: w Blakey BB '87 - LABEL: .
Female Cuban salseras - .
RODRIGUEZ Alfredo - Cubismo
RELEASE: The Invasion Parade - LABEL: Mac Avenue
RODRIGUEZ Alfredo - Qbafrica
RELEASE: Sounds of Space - LABEL: Mac Avenue
TERRY Sonny, Brownie McGhee - Green corn
RELEASE: Best of - LABEL: Folkways
CYRILLE Andrew - Drum Song For Leadbelly
RELEASE: Proximity w Bill McHenry - LABEL: Sunnyside
SPIKE Orchestra - Donel
RELEASE: Cerberus - (Book Of Angels Vol.26) 2015 - LABEL: Tzadik
McLAUGHLIN John - The Fine Line
RELEASE: Montreux JF '10 - LABEL: BBC3
FREEMAN Chico - Afro Tang
RELEASE: Sweet Explosion - LABEL: In+Out
CRUSADERS - Covert Action
RELEASE: Images - LABEL: Blue Thumb
STAPLE SINGERS - This Little Light Of Mine
RELEASE: This Little Light - LABEL: Riverside
KEYS Calvin - Aunt Lovey
RELEASE: Proceed With Caution - LABEL: Black Jazz
WALTON Cedar - Turquoise Twice
RELEASE: Cedar! - LABEL: Prestige
ROLLINS Sonny - The Song Is You
RELEASE: and the Contemporary Leaders - LABEL: Contemporary
SMITH Jimmy - Step Right Up
RELEASE: Cmplt Verve Singles - LABEL: Verve
JAMES Jose - Ladies Man
RELEASE: Love In A Time Of Madness - LABEL: Blue Note
HORN Shirley - Just for a Thrill
RELEASE: Live at the 4 queens - LABEL: Pure Emotion
PORTER Gregory - Musical Genocide
RELEASE: Live in Berlin - LABEL: Eagle
Mocidade Independente De Padre Miguel - As Mil E Uma Noites De Uma Mocidade Prá Lá De Marrakech
RELEASE: Sambas de Enredo Carnaval 2017 - LABEL: Edimusa
PURIM Flora - Bahia
RELEASE: 500 Miles High - LABEL: Milestone
SMITH Lonnie & Ronnie Foster - Jammin'
COWELL Stanley - Prayer For Peace
RELEASE: Musa - LABEL: Strata East

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 4th March, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 4th March, 2017
03:56am LISTON-SMITH Lonnie - Visions Of A New World
RELEASE: Visions - LABEL: Flying Dutchman
02:01pm . - The Gospel at Colonus w Morgan Freeman
02:10pm ALEXANDER Monty - Blues for Jilly
RELEASE: Alexander The Great - LABEL: Pacific Jazz
02:15pm BURRELL Kenny w Coleman Hawkins - It's Getting Dark
RELEASE: Bluesy Burrell - LABEL: Moodsville
02:23pm DAVIS Steve - Village Blues
RELEASE: Say When - LABEL: Smoke
02:34pm GILLESPIE Diz - 70th Birthday
02:50pm AGOSSI Mina - Fridge
RELEASE: Fresh - LABEL: Plus Loin
02:55pm GERVILLE Meddy - Potpourri Maloya
RELEASE: Tropical Rain - LABEL: Dot Time
03:03pm RODRUIGEZ Alfredo - Tocororo
RELEASE: Tocororo - LABEL: Mac Avenue
03:06pm " - Yemaya
03:16pm KEEGAN Matt - The Three Seas - Piramal
RELEASE: Haveli - LABEL: Yum Yum Tree
03:19pm SAWKINS Jeremy - Funny farm
RELEASE: ArteFact - LABEL: Organized Discs
03:29pm AFENGINN - Quicksilver
RELEASE: Opus - LABEL: Westpark
03:35pm ALLEN JD - Conjuration of angels
03:46pm AK LAFF Pheeroan - Bit Her
RELEASE: Sonogram - LABEL: Muworks

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 25th February, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 25th February, 2017
02:01pm WINANS CeCe - Every Time
02:08pm EUREKA Brass Band - Take Your Burden To The Lord
RELEASE: Jazz at Preservation Hall vol.1 - LABEL: Atlantic
02:14pm ADAMS George - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
RELEASE: Nightingale - LABEL: Somethin' Else
02:19pm ANDERSON Ray - Dear Lord
RELEASE: Every One Of Us - LABEL: Gramavision
02:28pm BYRD Donald - Slow Drag
RELEASE: Slow Drag - LABEL: Blue Note
02:38pm LOUEKE Lionel - Even Teens
RELEASE: Gaia - LABEL: Blue Note
02:43pm SMITH Jimmy - Root Down
RELEASE: Root Down - LABEL: Verve
02:56pm HOLIDAY Billie - Who wants love
RELEASE: w Lester Young - LABEL: Mainstream
02:59pm AFRODISIAN Orch - Gnossienne 1 (Baiao)
RELEASE: Satierismos - LABEL: Youkali
03:07pm TROUPE Sonny - Balanse a peyi la (interlude)
RELEASE: Voyages et Reves - LABEL: Musicast
03:11pm " - Gwakaladja
03:16pm ALLEN Geri - D And V
RELEASE: The Printmakers - LABEL: Minor Music
03:18pm ERVIN Booker - A Lunar Tune
RELEASE: The Freedom Book - LABEL: Prestige
03:28pm MUSIC Soup - Cut to the chase
RELEASE: Cut to the chase - LABEL: CTC
03:33pm ADES Dave - Bucket
RELEASE: A Life In A Day - LABEL: Lionsharerecords
03:38pm SMITH Cecilia - The Takeoff
03:43pm MINGUS Dynasty - Boogie Stop Shuffle
RELEASE: Chair in the Sky - LABEL: Elektra
03:51pm VON SCHLIPPENBACH Alexander - Globe Unity