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I have been involved in music for over 50 years. Musician, retailer, wholesaler, A&R, audio engineer, recording producer, critic, band manager as well as currently being an audio electronics and computer nerd. I have travelled the world in these capacities and have a wealth of memoirs. I have a substantial music collection and enjoy sharing it with ESR listeners.

As a special service to ESR members, if you want more info on a track email me and I will send you the album’s artwork. Please include your name and membership number.


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Recent Episodes

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 24th June, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 24th June, 2017
11:01am COLTRANE John - They Say It's Wonderful
RELEASE: w Johnny Hartman - LABEL: Impulse
11:02am ALEXANDRIA Lorez - I've Never Been in Love Before
RELEASE: Alexandria The Great - LABEL: Impulse
11:03am ADDERLEY Cannonball - Nippon Soul
RELEASE: Nippon Soul - LABEL: Riverside
11:04am COLTRANE John - I Want To Talk About You
RELEASE: Afro Blue Impressions - LABEL: Pablo
11:05am AMY Curtis - Tippin' on through
RELEASE: Curtis Amy - LABEL: Mosaic
11:07am Ben E. King - Stand By Me
RELEASE: APOLLO Saturday Night - LABEL: Collector's Choice
11:08am Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine
11:08am COLTRANE John - Alabama
RELEASE: Live at Birdland - LABEL: Impulse
11:10am ALEXANDRIA Lorez - That Old Devil Called Love
RELEASE: For Swingers Only - LABEL: .
11:11am COLTRANE John - Dear lord
RELEASE: Dear Old Stockholm - LABEL: Impulse
11:12am BASIE Count - Dum Dum
RELEASE: Li'l Ol' Groovemaker - LABEL: Verve
11:12am BEACHBOYS - Be True To Your School
RELEASE: Little Deuce Coupe - LABEL: Capitol
11:13am BLAKEY Art - On the Ginza
RELEASE: Ugetsu - LABEL: Riverside
11:14am CRISS Sonny - On Green Dolphin Street
RELEASE: Mr Blues Pour Flirter - LABEL: Emarcy
11:16am CLARKE-Boland BB - Om Mani Padme Hum
RELEASE: Handle With Care - LABEL: Atlantic
11:16am COLES Johnny - Heavy Legs
RELEASE: Little Johnny C - LABEL: Blue Note
11:18am ADDERLEY Nat - Hustle With Russell
RELEASE: Little Big Horn - LABEL: Riverside
11:19am THOMAS Rufus - Walking The Dog
RELEASE: APOLLO Saturday Night - LABEL: Collector's Choice
11:20am The Coasters - Speedo's Back In Town
RELEASE: APOLLO Saturday Night - LABEL: Collector's Choice
11:21am The Falcons - I Found A Love
RELEASE: APOLLO Saturday Night - LABEL: Collector's Choice
02:01pm GMWA Women of Worship - Order My Steps
RELEASE: 1998 - LABEL: WOW Gospel
02:17pm COLTRANE John - Chasin' The Trane
RELEASE: Afro Blue Impressions - LABEL: Pablo
02:22pm ADAMS Pepper - Haitian fight song
RELEASE: Plays Charlie Mingus - LABEL: Fresh Sounds
02:30pm ADDERLEY Cannonball - Dizzy's Business
RELEASE: Lugano 1963 - LABEL: TCB

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 17th June, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 17th June, 2017
AYLER Albert - Bells
New Life Community Choir - Thank You Lord w John P. Kee
KIRBY John - Rehearsin' For A Nervous Breakdown
RELEASE: 1938-39 - LABEL: Collectors' Classics
COBB Arnett - Sizzlin
RELEASE: Sizzlin - LABEL: Prestige
RONEY Wallace - Elegy
RELEASE: A Place in Time - LABEL: HighNote
SCOTT Rhoda - We Free Queens w Géraldine Laurent & Anne Paceo
RELEASE: We Free Queens - LABEL: Sunset
BB Unlimited - Stolen moments (Kenny Burrell)
RELEASE: Unlimited 1 - LABEL: HighNote
John Lewis & Hank Jones - All the things you are
MJQ - Django
RELEASE: Django - LABEL: Prestige
ULMER James Blood - Rush Hour
RELEASE: Freelancing - LABEL: Columbia
THURMAN Camille - Detour Ahead
RELEASE: Inside The Moment. - LABEL: Chesky
ALEXANDER Linsey - Facebook Woman
RELEASE: Two Cats - LABEL: Delmark
HORN Jazzmeia - I Remember You
RELEASE: A Social Call - LABEL: Prestige
ALLEN Carl - The Dark Side Of Dewey
RELEASE: The Dark Side Of Dewey - LABEL: Evidence

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 10th June, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 10th June, 2017
02:15pm LONGNON Jean-Loup - Jazz A' Paris
RELEASE: & His New York Orchestra - LABEL: Atlantic
02:00pm Richard Smallwood w Vision - Total Praise
02:05pm GREASY Chicken Orch - East St Louis Toodle-oo
02:11pm PATE Johnny - Sometimes I'm Happy
RELEASE: Cmplt Recs 1955-56 - LABEL: Fresh Sounds
02:26pm SMITH Nate - Spinning Down
RELEASE: Postcards from Everywhere - LABEL: Ropeadope
02:37pm KESSEL Barney - Somebody Loves Me
RELEASE: Live at The Jazz Mill - LABEL: Modern Harmonic
02:43pm BENNETT Lou - That Preachin' Man
RELEASE: Pentacostal Feeling - LABEL: Gitanes
02:49pm KING Natalia - Nutty Revisited
RELEASE: Soulblazz - LABEL: Jazz Village
02:55pm CHEMBO & Friends - Manteca
03:04pm Orquesta Anacahona de Cuba - .
03:11pm N.A.K. trio - Fortitude
03:15pm ADE King Sunny - Ase
03:26pm COLTRANE Alice - Rama Guru
RELEASE: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane - LABEL: Luaka Bop
03:32pm COLEMAN Steve - Desperate move
RELEASE: World Expansion - LABEL: JMT
03:39pm SEVA Eric - Monsieur Toulouse
RELEASE: Nomade Sonore - LABEL: Geya
03:47pm DAVIS Miles - Fall
RELEASE: Miles in the Sky - LABEL: Columbia

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 3rd June, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 3rd June, 2017
02:01pm JACKSON Mahalia - What the World Needs Now
RELEASE: What the World Needs Now - LABEL: Columbia
02:05pm ELLINGTON Duke - Single Petal Of A Rose
RELEASE: 1962 MOMA Recital - LABEL: Maison de Duke
02:09pm ELLINGTON Duke - Ad Lib on Nippon
RELEASE: Far East Suite - LABEL: RCA
02:22pm WILLIAMS Tony - Love Song
RELEASE: Spring - LABEL: Blue Note
02:31pm SPARKS Melvin - I Want To Talk About You
RELEASE: Texas Twister - LABEL: Eastbound
02:39pm ALEXANDER Eric - Dig dis
RELEASE: Friendly Fire - LABEL: HighNote
02:48pm TROMBONE Shorty - Like A Dog
RELEASE: Parking Lot Symphony - LABEL: Blue Note
02:51pm HILL Marquis - Smile
RELEASE: The Way We Play - LABEL: Concord
03:06pm VAMPIRES - Bendalong
RELEASE: Meets Lionel Loueke - LABEL: self
03:08pm " - Ubud bubble
03:11pm TRUFFAZ Erik - Lulu
RELEASE: Doni Doni - LABEL: Two Gentlemen
03:17pm MJQ - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
RELEASE: Concorde - LABEL: Prestige
03:26pm PASTORIUS Jaco - Punk Jazz Revisited
RELEASE: Word Of Mouth Revisited - LABEL: Heads Up
03:33pm SIDRAN Ben - Was
RELEASE: Picture Him Happy - LABEL: Nardis
03:36pm HORN Jazzmeia - Billie's Bounce
03:38pm " - Afro Blue- Eye See You - Wade In The Water
RELEASE: A Social Call - LABEL: Concord
03:52pm BRAXTON Anthony - Performance-Part II
RELEASE: Performance (Quartet) 1979 - LABEL: Hat Hut

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 27th May, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 27th May, 2017
12:45pm THOMAS Leon Foster - Delusion Of A Dream
RELEASE: Metamorphosis - LABEL: Ropeadope
02:42pm " - Chromatic Universe part II
02:45pm " - Chromatic Universe part III
02:00pm McINTOSH County Shouters - I Wade the Water to My Knees
RELEASE: Spirituals & Shout Songs from the Georgia Coast - LABEL: Folkways
02:04pm NELSON Oliver - Alto-Itis
RELEASE: Screamin' The Blues - LABEL: Prestige
02:10pm PETERSON Oscar - A Little Jazz Exercise
02:13pm EVANS Bill (sax) - Captain Brutis
RELEASE: Petite Blonde - LABEL: Lipstick
02:23pm PELT Jeremy - Prince
RELEASE: Make Noise - LABEL: HighNote
02:31pm ULMER James 'Blood' - Fat Mama
RELEASE: In and Out - LABEL: InandOut
02:39pm George Russel & His Orchestra w, Bill Evans & Paul Bley - Chromatic Universe part I.
RELEASE: BLEY Paul - A Free Spirit - LABEL: Jazz Magazine (Italy)
02:55pm MONK - We'll Understand It Better By And By
RELEASE: Les liaisons dangereuses - LABEL: Sam
02:57pm ELLINGTON Duke - The Twitch
03:08pm ROSS Annie - Goin to Chicago
RELEASE: w Pony Poindexter Berlin Live '67 - LABEL: MPS
03:14pm ALLISON Mose - Puttin' Up With Me
RELEASE: Ever Since The World Ended - LABEL: Blue Note
03:16pm GALAS Diamanda - You don't know what love is
RELEASE: All The Way - LABEL: Intravenal
03:25pm D'RIVERA Paquito - All The Way
RELEASE: Clazz vol.1 - LABEL: Warner Spain
03:30pm AROCENA Dayme - Todo Por Amor
RELEASE: Cubafonia - LABEL: Brownswood
03:43pm CHERRY Don - Eternal Rhythm, Pt.1
RELEASE: Eternal Rhythm - LABEL: MPS

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 20th May, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 20th May, 2017
03:57pm DOUGLAS Dave - Noire et Blanche
RELEASE: Dada People - LABEL: Greenleaf
02:00pm GEORGIA Mass Choir - I sing because I'm happy
RELEASE: Greatest Hits - LABEL: Savoy
02:07pm McLEAN Jackie - Kerplunk
RELEASE: Lights Out - LABEL: Prestige
02:17pm HEADS of State - Moose The Mooche
RELEASE: Four in One - LABEL: Smoke
02:23pm MONTGOMERY Wes - Birks' Works
RELEASE: Unissued Broadcasts '65 - LABEL: Jazz on Jazz
02:31pm CHERRY Don - Treat Your Lady Right
RELEASE: Home Boy - LABEL: Barclay
02:37pm HUTCHERSON Bobby - I'll Be Seeing You
RELEASE: For Sentimental Reasons - LABEL: Kind of Blue
02:41pm HARRIS Barry - Donna Lee
RELEASE: Vicissitudes - LABEL: MPS
02:48pm DAVIES Tim - Conceivilization
RELEASE: The Expensive Train Set - LABEL: Origin
02:55pm WASHINGTON Dinah - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
RELEASE: Les Girls (Ellington) - LABEL: Maison de Duke
02:59pm " - Evil Gal Blues
03:08pm EL'ZABAR Kahil - At Play In The Fields Of The Lord
RELEASE: The Power - LABEL: Creative Improvised Music
03:16pm SMITH Jimmy - Got My Mojo Workin'
RELEASE: Cmplt Singles - LABEL: Verve
03:22pm HENDERSON Wayne - 1990 BC (The Grand Dance)
RELEASE: Back To The Groove - LABEL: Charly
03:28pm JALC - Wynton Marsalis Discusses John Lewis+Two Bass Hit
RELEASE: Music of John Lewis - LABEL: Blue Engine
03:38pm WAITS Nasheet - Korean Bounce
RELEASE: Between Nothingness and Infinity - LABEL: Laborie
03:48pm TAYLOR Cecil - Corn in Sun & Moon
RELEASE: Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! - LABEL: MPS