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I have been involved in music for over 50 years. Musician, retailer, wholesaler, A&R, audio engineer, recording producer, critic, band manager as well as currently being an audio electronics and computer nerd. I have travelled the world in these capacities and have a wealth of memoirs. I have a substantial music collection and enjoy sharing it with ESR listeners.

As a special service to ESR members, if you want more info on a track email me and I will send you the album’s artwork. Please include your name and membership number.


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Recent Episodes

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 18th February, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 18th February, 2017
02:03pm JACKSON Mahalia - Let the Church Roll On
RELEASE: Bless This House - LABEL: Columbia
02:05pm BRYANT Ray - Cubano Chant
RELEASE: Con Alma - LABEL: Columbia
02:09pm FONSECA Roberto - Cubano Chant
RELEASE: Abuc - LABEL: Impulse
02:15pm ADAMS Greg - What's goin' on
RELEASE: East Bay Soul - LABEL: Ripa
02:20pm ADAMS Pepper - Well You Needn't
RELEASE: Pepper - LABEL: Enja
02:30pm BAHULA Julian - Badishi herdboys
RELEASE: Let Us Be Free - LABEL: Jabula
02:35pm BLAKEY Sextet '85 - Moanin'
RELEASE: Moanin' - LABEL: .
02:47pm ABERCROMBIE John - Nardis
02:52pm MARSH Milton - Ode To Nzinga
RELEASE: Monism - LABEL: Strata East
02:59pm SOSA Omar - Mi Conga
RELEASE: Ile - LABEL: World Village
03:08pm KITT Eartha - God bless the child
RELEASE: Thinking Jazz - LABEL: ITM
03:11pm PORTER Gregory - Bass Solo,Papa Was A Rolling Stone
RELEASE: Live in Berlin - LABEL: Eagle
03:18pm MIKAELI Jazz Choir - Dagen skimrar i graset
03:27pm ALI Rashied - Thing for Joe
RELEASE: Judgment Day - LABEL: self
03:35pm Jmichael Peeples - Enigma
RELEASE: Enigma - LABEL: self
03:43pm AFRO Algonquin - Tele Fonkin' Over Germany
RELEASE: AFRO Algonquin - LABEL: Moers
03:52pm BOWIE Joseph - Universal justice
RELEASE: w Oliver Lake - LABEL: Sackville
03:58pm MATOS Bobby - Footprints
RELEASE: Footprints - LABEL: Cubop

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 11th February, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 11th February, 2017
02:03pm Sounds of Blackness - God Cares
02:10pm Don Byas, Bud Powell Quintet - All The Things You Are
RELEASE: Americans in Europe - LABEL: Impulse
02:21pm MACKEY Carl - Lawn boozer
RELEASE: Jazztrack Celebrating 40 Years. - LABEL: ABC
02:30pm ADDERLEY Cannonball - Dizzy's Business
RELEASE: Lugano '63 - LABEL: Swiss Radio
02:39pm AKINMUSIRE Ambrose - interview & music
02:51pm BROOKMEYER Bob - Hot Buttered Noodling
RELEASE: The Street Swingers. - LABEL: Lonehill
02:57pm HUTCHERSON Bobby - Un poco loco
RELEASE: Un Poco Loco - LABEL: Blue Note
03:09pm SOSA Omar - Mentiras Enemigas
RELEASE: Ile - LABEL: World Village
03:15pm SMITH Jimmy - You'll See
RELEASE: All The Way Live - LABEL: Milestone
03:29pm PORTER Gregory - Take Me To The Alley
RELEASE: Live in Berlin - LABEL: Eagle vision
03:38pm ALLEN Aimee - My Romance
RELEASE: Matter of Time - LABEL: self
03:43pm LEE Jeanne - Blasé
RELEASE: Archie Shepp - Blasé - LABEL: BYG
03:55pm VENUGOPAL Varijashree - Giant Steps
03:58pm COLTRANE John - Giant Steps
RELEASE: Giant Steps - LABEL: Atlantic

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 4th February, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 4th February, 2017
02:02pm JACKSON Mahalia - It Don't Cost Very Much
RELEASE: Bless This House - LABEL: Columbia
02:06pm GARNER Erroll - High Wire
RELEASE: Ready Take One - LABEL: Columbia
02:11pm HAWKINS Coleman - Poor Butterfly
RELEASE: At Ease With - LABEL: Prestige
02:17pm DE SOUZA Raoul - Daisy Mae
RELEASE: Don't Ask My Neighbours. - LABEL: Capitol
02:23pm ADDERLEY Nat - The Chant
RELEASE: Live In Subway '92 - LABEL: Timeless
02:35pm HANCOCK Herbie - Maiden Voyage
RELEASE: Maiden Voyage - LABEL: Blue Note
02:43pm SHAW Woody - Brothers And Sisters
RELEASE: Ichi-Ban - LABEL: Timeless
02:51pm RODRIGUEZ Roberto - Ananel
RELEASE: Aguares - LABEL: Tzadik
03:00pm HUTCHERSON Bobby - Delilah
03:15pm ZORN John and Masada - Zevul
RELEASE: Yod - LABEL: Tzadik
03:18pm RICHMOND Dannie - Cumbia And Jazz Fusion
RELEASE: The Last Mingus Band AD - LABEL: Landmark
03:43pm LIBERATION Music Orch - Song For The Whales
RELEASE: Time-Life - LABEL: Impulse
03:54pm SANDERS Pharoah - You've Got To Have Freedom
RELEASE: Africa - LABEL: Timeless

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 28th January, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 28th January, 2017
02:02pm 21-03 - Incredible
02:07pm LIBERATION Music Orch - Utviklingssang (development song)
RELEASE: Time-Life - LABEL: Impulse
02:16pm MANUSARDI Guido - Like Sonny
RELEASE: No More No Less - LABEL: Sound Hills
02:21pm FIELDS Chris - For Kim
RELEASE: Atma Blue - LABEL: self
02:29pm CONNORS Bill - Terrabill Blues
02:32pm KEYS Alicia - She Don't Really Care
02:40pm HARTMAN Johnny - Lush Life
RELEASE: Boston Concert '76 - LABEL: Gambit
02:45pm GHIGLIONI Tiziana - But not for me
RELEASE: I'll Be Around - LABEL: Soul Note
02:48pm PARIS Jazz BB (Nicolas Folmer) - Huyana
RELEASE: Source(s) - LABEL: Cristal
02:58pm THOMAS Leon Foster - Kai-Fusion
RELEASE: Metamorphosis - LABEL: Ropeadope
03:08pm WILLIAMS Tony - Lifetime
RELEASE: Montreux JF '71 - LABEL: Eagle
03:32pm BLUIETT Hamiet - For Macho
RELEASE: The Clarinet Family - LABEL: Black Saint
03:43pm OEHLERS Jamie w Tal Cohen - Innocent dreamer
RELEASE: . - LABEL: self
03:48pm GLASPER Robert - This Is Not Fear
RELEASE: ArtScience - LABEL: Blue Note
03:53pm KOOLA Lobitos - Ololufe Mi
RELEASE: Nigeria '70 - LABEL: Funky Lagos

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 21st January, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 21st January, 2017
02:01pm Colorado Mass Choir w Joe Pace - Stir Up
RELEASE: 1998 - LABEL: WOW Gospel
02:09pm HARRIS Gene - You make me feel so young
RELEASE: Leica lover - LABEL: Concord
02:17pm WILSON Julien - Subconscious-Lee
02:18pm HARRIS Gene - How Could You Do A Thing Like This To Me
RELEASE: Red Hot Ray Brown Trio - LABEL: Concord
02:23pm HARRIS Gene - The Real Blues
RELEASE: Live at The Loa - LABEL: Concord
02:34pm SHAW Woody - Appointment in Ghana
RELEASE: One Night Preserved vol2 - LABEL: Blue Note
02:42pm BLAKEY and the Jazz Messengers - On the Ginza
RELEASE: BBC Jazz 625 - LABEL: .
02:49pm BAREFIELD Spencer - Hindola Spring
RELEASE: Live at Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen - LABEL: Sound Aspects
03:05pm SCOTT Raymond - Powerhouse
RELEASE: Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights - LABEL: Columbia
03:05pm " - Egyptian Barn Dance (Rehearsal)
03:06pm " - New Year's Eve In A Haunted House
03:13pm WILLIAMS Mary Lou - Surrey With The Fringe On Top
RELEASE: Free Spirits - LABEL: Steeplechase
03:16pm THREE Souls - Armageddon
RELEASE: Soul Sounds - LABEL: Cadet
03:21pm FEWELL Garrison - Park Avenue Petite
RELEASE: A Blue Deeper Than The Blue - LABEL: Accurate
03:32pm STITT Sonny - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
RELEASE: My Main Man - LABEL: Argo
03:38pm BLUIETT Hamiet - Autumn Leaves
RELEASE: Live at Carlos 1 - LABEL: Just a Memory
03:50pm GILLESPIE Natalie - Blow your blues away
RELEASE: Courage to love - LABEL: self

Freedom Jazz Dance - 02:00pm - Saturday 14th January, 2017

Freedom Jazz Dance - 12:00am Saturday 14th January, 2017
02:02pm TAKE 6 - When Angels Cry
RELEASE: Believe - LABEL: Sound Recording Group
02:06pm HARRIS Gene - Gene's Lament
RELEASE: Plus One - LABEL: Concord
02:16pm HARRIS Gene - Battle hymn of the republic
RELEASE: Otter Crest '81 - LABEL: Concord
02:27pm HARRIS Gene - C. C. Rider
RELEASE: Black And Blue - LABEL: Concord
02:33pm MONTE Marisa - Làgrimas E Tormentos
RELEASE: Universo Ao Meu Redor - LABEL: Blue Note
02:38pm YORUBA Andabo - Guaguanco
RELEASE: dunno - LABEL: dunno
02:44pm SANTAMARIA Mongo - Come Candela
RELEASE: Montreux JF '71 - LABEL: Atlantic
02:49pm JARREAU Al - Says
RELEASE: L is for Lover - LABEL: Warner
02:54pm AIMEE Cyrille - Yardbird Suite
RELEASE: Burstin' Out - LABEL: Origin
02:58pm PORTER Gregory - Holding On
RELEASE: Live In Berlin - LABEL: Eagle
03:10pm HO Fred - No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger
RELEASE: Sweet Science Suite - LABEL: Mutablemusic
03:28pm COLTRANE John - Leo
RELEASE: Temple Uni '66 - LABEL: Impulse
03:50pm THOMAS Leon Foster - In The Corner
RELEASE: Metamorphosis - LABEL: Ropeadope
03:57pm ARGUE Darcy James BB - Casus Belli
RELEASE: Real Enemies - LABEL: New Amsterdam